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I went through the costco.com window program to put new windows in my house. The price was good, the installer prompt...but my windows immediately started leaking and have fought with costco.com for almost a year to resolve problem.

I found Costco.com to be horrible to work with, no accountability. They claim they are assigning you to an agent, but each time you call back to follow up--you start all over again as no one at costco.com claims to know anything about you or your claim.

Unless you have hours and hours to devote to holding any of these people accountable (installer, 3rd party "Trusted home services or costco.com)or you just enjoy being abused--I would not do it this way. Buy direct.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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I too have an installation gone wrong with Costco listed as the general contractor, in my case, a $15,000 bathroom Cambria Stone . THEY HAVE NO ONE ON SITE so the customer is at the mercy of the sub contractor. Think twice about using their services.


I would like to hear from Costco on this.


Don't hold your breath on this one.


Researching replacement window installation for insulation (double large windows (4) and read other member's review. Is this really correct- have been a COSTCO member for a long, long time and this sounds unbelievable.

Had blinds installed and one problem corrected quickly. If COSTCO wants to give an attractive quote and provide quality vinyl framed picture windows in livingroom of mobile home, I will listen - still. Maybe COSTCO now has better vendors and service - and also took care of this client's problems in the end. I would never accept anything like it and feel for the person who experienced this terrible problem.

It's raining - El Nino - and we do not need problems with leaks right now!!

Thanks - need immediate quote. COSTCO member forever

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