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Update by user Jan 26, 2018

Costco Customer Service in Cranberry PA allowed me to return the Samsung Television after hearing about the way I was treated by both the Costco Concierge and Pittsburgh's Finest HDTV repairman. Obviously, they have heard these complaints before.

Original review posted by user Jan 25, 2018

So my Samsung 40" HDTV would not turn on, at the ripe age of 1year 2 months. Called Costco Concierge, was assigned a case number, and someone would be in touch.

One week later, after no one "got in touch", I called and they informed me that parts need to be ordered. When I asked how they new what parts needed to be ordered, they informed me it was based on the problem of not turning on? I said ok, when will the parts be in. The response was, I have to order them for you.

Well if nothing has changed and there was interaction with myself and a repairman, and it was based on my complaint of not turning on, why weren't the parts ordered a week ago. Silence. So parts are ordered and I played phone tag with the Concierge and a repairman from Pittsburgh's finest HDTV service, who left me a message with instructions to text or call (I did both) and he would coordinate a time to repair my tv. No response!

For the next week, I called the concierge numerous times, was placed on perpetual hold, was hung up on, was "disconnected", was told give me your number we will call you right back. Finally, I got to voice my displeasure, and the concierge stated, the repairman has tried in vain to contact you. Are you kidding, I texted and called him so many times, I can recite his number off by heart. So, the concierge puts him on the line with me and we make an appointment for the next day, Friday 11am - 1pm is his window.

You can guess what happens, NO SHOW!!! At 1:30 pm I call the concierge and I unload on her, "maybe something came up" she offer's. Well, if something came up, don't you think Pittsburgh's finest HDTV repair service would have the decency to call? I tell her I am done with the Costco Concierge service and their awful repairman.

A half hour later the repairman calls, and states"the parts I had ordered for you, I decided to test this morning, and they did not work, so I had to order new parts." Are any of you buying that straight out lie?

Neither did I, I promptly returned the tv to Costco the next day. Initially, they said no tv's can be returned after 90 days, when they heard of the horrible treatment by Costco Concierge and their ignorant tv repairman, they refunded my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Change the concierge service to a drop off service, do not use your current tv repair service, find someone that is reliable.

Costco Pros: Customer service at cranberry.

Costco Cons: Costco concierge nor the tv repairman they use.

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