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My 55" 1.5 year-old Samsung TV developed white lines on the left hand side back on November 1st.I thought all was lost and started looking for a new TV when I discovered that Costco extends warranties to two years on all televisions.

So I called Costco Concierge November 3rd and went through the normal turn the power off..wait...and so forth. After this failed to fix the TV they told me to send them five pictures of various parts of the TV. But there was a catch, 2 meg limit on the five pictures. So I compressed them and emailed them while still on the phone.

Costco rep said she got them and will get back to me within 48 hours. No one got back so I called. They claimed pictures were blurry and they need to send a tech. Had to wait until November 9th.

Tech missed his appointment with me (no call from him). I finally got a hold of him and wanted to delay until November 11th but I insisted. Sp he came out that night after 9PM. Took one picture of his own and used one of mine to send in.

I attached a picture, it doesn't show much except that the screen is obviously not working correctly. Talked to Concierge again on November 12th, technicians report had not been filed but they promised to call me by November 14th. I waited until the 16th and then called them. CSR said the report came in November 15th and they would submit it for technical review and call me back in 48 hours.

I am not holding my breath. Oh...they have not answered any of the five emails I have sent over the last two weeks and will not give me a POC to escalate my problem to. It has been two seeks now and every step of the way has been another "48 hour" delay, then they don't follow up, I do follow up and then another 48 hours, rinse and repeat. This is a deliberately frustrating process that is designed to make customers give up.

When I spoke to the rep last week she told me this was "the process." Here is a short list of how "the process" is broken and can be fixed. 1. Look at the pictures the night I send them in. If you don't have what you need, I can send more pictures.

2. Remove the 2 Meg limit. There is no way anyone can take 5 pictures and compress them that much and have them be useful. 3.

Call me if the pictures are bad when they are reviewed. I can send more pictures. 4. Call me if an appointment is going to be missed.

5. Don't make me wait a week for a service technician, especially when you are only sending a guy out to take pictures. Even more especially when he uses the picture I already sent in. 6.

Automatically submit his report for your "internal review", don't wait until I call before you submit it. 7. Don't wait 6 days for the technician to file a two picture report that should have been done that night. 8.

Call me back when you say you will 9. Staff your phones. Every time I call in there is a 10 to 15 minute wait. 10.

Be open about the process. It really sounds like you are making it up as you go when there is always one more thing and 48 more hours. 11. Let me drop off my set and Costco and tell me that it will be fixed or replace within x days.

12. Provide an escalation path.

I am a huge fan of Costco and have always had incredible experiences there as a customer but the Concierge service is horrible and completely not Costco-like.I would not make a buying decision based on the extended warrantee.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Tv.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $800.

I liked: Costco the store.

I didn't like: Concierge.


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