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I was walking inside Costco a I saw a white girl talking with a friend and didn't asking anyone for membership cards,but as soon as me and my Dad came in she asked us for one!!! {{Redacted}} I didn't pay attention but she send someone to follow us!!!

Does this make sense??? Why waste our time going inside a store if we don't have membership???? Stupid and racist people!!!!!! The Manager assistant told my Dad that they asked for the membership card because some people come to steal ,so that confirm that they are racist!!!

Why they didn't ask the white lady for it,why us?? We are Hispanics,is that why???!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think they asked for your card because they knew you had poor grammar.


Your comment is dumb! Nevermind my orthography!

English is my second language. I bet you are unable to learn another language!


You’re showing how racist you are by calling her a white girl....how racist of you!


I treat them the way they treat me!! We already had enough!!


Since you are That pissed to post a complaint about Costco on pissed consumer, send their Corporate Headquarters a letter explaining your complaint. Their contact information is found on their website.


You are not going to get far in life if that chip on your shoulder continues to grow. You obviously have been watching far too much liberal propaganda and thus many synapses swirling around have collapsed from the sheer astonishment or having to listen to your ramblings.


For your information I don't get easily influenced by propaganda,I had a mind of my own,I'm not a puppet!

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