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I ordered a very expensive bedroom set with a full bed frame including headboard and foot board, a mule dresser, which is huge and two night stands. This furniture is very high quality Mission Style quarter sawn red oak with a cherry wood finish.

This is the highest quality they make and it is nice and heavy and very well made. It was being sold at individual Costco's as a traveling roadshow sale, where they sell their product in a Costco for a week or a 3 day weekend. Costco collects the money but you also deal with the vendor. Well, the set was said to be shipping to me three different dates, while I took off work, and on none of those dates did they ever show up.

I finally called Costco who sent me through hoops until I finally was talking to the right people and they assured me that the new date they had I would receive my furniture. Guess what, no furniture. That was when I called Costco back and they told me they had a meeting with the owner of the company and not only would I get my furniture but I would get $200 for my problems from the furniture company. It has been years now and I have never seen a dime.

Then the day finally arrived when I received my shipment, only there was one little problem, they brought the wrong bed frame. With only 2 to choose from they brought the wrong one. I did not accept it and wrote it on the shipping receipt and all other paperwork and called them to redeliver and told Costco. Well, a week later they came back with the same wrong bed frame and I again refused to accept it.

At this time I called the furniture company and talked to the woman I had talked to numerous times, never raising my voice or cursing, no matter how many non deliveries and mistaken deliveries as I know it does no good but just makes you look like a low-class fool. At this time since it had been over 4 months I was moving in a few weeks so I told the woman not to ship me my bed frame but to wait until I called her from the new house. She was more than happy to do this as I assume she didn't have my bed anyway. So I moved and after being there a couple of weeks I called and found out the woman no longer worked there so I had to talk to someone else and tell them the story and ask for my bed frame.

They then informed me they had already completed the order and had nothing more to send me. I asked them for signed shipping receipts showing all the items had been delivered and after a day they called me back telling me they don't keep that paperwork around but they had been paid by Costco and their file showed complete. I told them I had the shipping receipts including the ones that stated I did not receive the bed frame as they had shipped the wrong one. This was something I wrote on the paperwork which had copies attached in my own handwriting as I owned a company that shipped a lot and I knew what to do to cover myself.

They told me tough, they were done and I could pound sand. I then called Costco, who asked for copies of the order, copies of the shipping receipts and copies of the packing lists. I sent all of these to Costco and also told them I had yet to receive the $200 I was promised. They told me they would take care of it but called me back a day later telling me that the furniture company owner said that they had shipped everything to me.

I asked if they had provided the paperwork like I did and they said all they had was their completed order form and their invoice paid by Costco. I told him that was worthless without my signature receiving the items. I eventually climbed the ladder to the biggest, lying thief I have ever talked to and he was an executive Vice President of Costco's located in the City of Industry, just south of Los Angeles, Ca. I live by the beach in southern Orange County, CA.

When I first talked to him he told me he would look into it and get back to me. 2 days later he did call me with the good news that I would be receiving my bed frame on Monday as he was talking to me on Friday. I thanked him for all his help and took off Monday waiting for my delivery. Later on Monday with the truck still not there I started to worry but felt confident that a VP at Costco wouldn't lie to me.

So later that evening after no bed frame I was on my computer looking at emails and guess what, there was one from Mark Maushund the VP from Costco. Instead of having the balls to call me he sent me an email telling me that the owner of the furniture company had changed his mind and decided not to send me my bed frame. And you know what Mark Maushund said to me days later after about 20 phone calls, he was avoiding me. He said that they had shipped me the furniture in full, without any proof of delivery he had decided to believe the furniture company.

I asked him if he was going to return my money and he said no and when asked about the $200 he said he knew nothing about it even though I had the names of his employees who had told me this. I had every answer and detail in writing and he had nothing and even when I had a friend who was an attorney send him a letter he didn't even bother to respond. So those of you who love Costco just remember they are like every other big corporation. Greedy, with no concern for their customer and Mark Maushund in the City of Industry is a perfect example of what jerks they are.

By the way his private phone number at work is 714-741-7718 and he is the VP, Director of Operations, Costco.

Call him if you have any problems and want to talk to him. I would love it

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Wow that's insane very sorry for the incompetency

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