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I purchased this Samsung 7 tab, in a month it started to give me troubles. Due to my extremely busy schedule at work i could not make it to Costco during the 90 days.

I showed up a day (1 day) later. No matter what i told customer representative, they would not want to take it back. I took to Costco that is on 149 St Edmonton, AB.

They suggested to call the manufacturer and so i did.

Manufacturer said the didn't think it was their problem and i went back to Costco but it was useless.In fact costco people said they no longer carry the product.

So no wonder they took it off the sale, it truly was a boloney product. Costco in Canada is 10 time worse in service then in the states and service is so bad that we decided not to spend our money there anymore.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Costco Cons: Bad experience, Horrible customer service.

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i'm so busy, of course it's not my fault! You went over the stated return limit, 100% fair. deal with it


You are an ***... 90 day return policy is crazy good.

I've exploited it soooo many times, buying laptops and returning them 75 days later for a different model, multiple times now.... Don't even need a receipt or the packaging... You are leaving a bad review WITH ADMITTING YOU TRIED TO RETURN IT AFTER THEIR INDUSTRY LEADING RETURN POLICY OF NO QUESTIONS ASKED 90 DAYS.. you could have brought in the day earlier and said, "I'm not satisfied" and you'd have CASH in hand....

I have a feeling you blame others for most of your shortcomings....

P.S. If you weren't cheap in the first place you'd have bought an IPad...


Shop elsewhere to find a worse return policy. The 90-day rule is reasonable, but if you exceed the time, you suffer the consequences. This is explained fairly often.

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