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I bought a 50in LED flat screen from costco and it stopped working yesterday. I took it back to costco cuz its still within the 2yr guarantee. 1st- costco doesnt guarantee it - you have to call the costco concierge service (what a joke). They wont help you until you go back home and call from there, (serious! I not making this up) We had to plug in the tv and call them back from our house. This is how it went......

"is the tv plugged in?"


"is the light on in front?"


"Unplug it and hold down the power button for 45 secs. Try the power button again..... anything ?"


"ok its broken"

NO!...... really?" (I'm not making this up!)

then she said you need to call westinghouse customer service. "I've already called them, do you have a direct line to them?"

We finally got a westinghouse CSR on the phone who advised us to mail the tv back to them. We told them we dont have a box anymore for the tv. They told us to go buy one from uhaul (its $89.00) or get one from costco and ship the tv back then they will ship us a new tv. (Who pays the $89 for the uhaul box? AND costco destroys their boxes same day. ) Westinghouse doesnt send repairmen out to you anymore for fix electronics. We pointed out that if you send us a replacment tv we can use that box to ship the broken tv back....... NO! cant do that. So now we are looking for a box to ship this broken tv back to westinghouse in california.

We called the concierge service back to explain the situation again and got a manager "Scott" we explained that we dont have a box and we need to ship it back. He was very rude and tried to tell us that costco didnt have a satisfaction guarantee policy anymore! It was our responsibility to pay to ship the tv back.

Next time Ill buy my tv at WALMART -

Monetary Loss: $549.

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Walmart will give you better customer service for sure!!! Their concierge service is just a device to make you go away. AMAZON NEXT TIME BYE BYE COSTCO!!!!!!


I have had similar issues with Costco's concierge service.


I purchased a Samsung monitor in 2011 and within a year it went bad. I had a terrible experience with concierge services.

I was asked the same ridiculous questions. I told them I already did that and they refused to progress the call until I did it again. Now in 2018. I forgot my bad experience with Samsung products and Costco Concierge.

My Samsung TV went bad again and I had another awful experience. I told the rep named Friendly (ID#4380680) and his manger Connie (ID#3869635) that I did this already and making me do it again is not going to get different results and I am not doing it. I was asked when my TV broke and how. I was asked to power cycle it.

I was asked what the screen looks like and what color is it and what happens when it turns off and turns on. After doing all this I was told the service department will contact me and I will need to discuss with them.

Concierge is a screening process for the service department. It was a 45 minute phone call.


I wouldn’t buy any electronics from Costco any more because their concierge service was too terrible and lack of knowledge and wasting my hours for nothing. Terrible terrible set up for Costco.


Sucks. Worst ever.

Waiting a month to get service on a tv. It did not die; the screen just jumps. . We can't get through to the service provider and the talking heads won't let you wait for more than 10 minutes.

Plus they couldn't find receipt - we had to go to a STORE to get them to pull it up to mail it in.

They promise to call back (three times so far) and so far they did not call back. I am going to request that THEY pay the difference and add any remaining time onto my Square Trade extended warrantee.


Costco concierge service.... what a joke.

My 40 inch TCL TV which I turned on and now has lines visible on the screen. The TV is still under warranty. I submitted pictures, and I was told it is a not a manufacturers defect, and the TV is not covered.

So the bottom line.... TCL TV's are crap, and the Costco concierge warranty is useless.


I noticed that A LOT of Costco customers were returning TV's. Every time I go there, there is another TV coming back!

Why I asked myself. Oh I know, I just had an experience (two Actually) with the "Concierge Service." It seems that the answers I was receiving were off of a cue card and not from the knowledge of the tech. Some suggestions were ridiculous. Ah but I tried them (stupid me).

Out of total frustration, I finally called my cable provider and talked to "Matt" who fixed my problem in about 10 minutes. He was very helpful. Costco, you are duping customers with your Concierge Service pitch. Why don't you just sell us a cue card with the TV, and save us all a bunch of trouble?

Then the concierge folks can go back to filing their fingernails or whatever they do. Now there is an idea!!!!!


My first experience with Costco Concierge Service. Bought a security monitoring system.

Got it home and read the fine print that said, operating range, 14 to 130 degrees. (under system information) Asked if that pertained to the DVR or the cameras since I live in an area that routinely gets much colder than 14 degrees. Jacob says, "Well I would imagine that it's referring to the cameras since the DVR is usually kept inside." I told him that I'd been on hold for 40 minutes so I would really appreciate a real answer rather than a guess and his choice of words, "I would imagine" tells me that he's guessing. He comes back with, "Yeah, that refers to the cameras.

Called the manufacturer instead to learn that Jacob has no idea what he's talking about. The fact is no support is more helpful than faked support.

So this is pissed but I'm not really that pissed.

My experience with this fake support system cost me a few hours and some sit around time. Overall I guess that's a pretty cheap to learn that these people are not someone we can rely on for product technical support.


Costco concierge is useless. Never buy their indurance.

Nothing gets resolved. Horrible customer service.


I have over 31 calls into Costco Concierge over the past 7 months and still no resolution to my Lenovo laptop problem. They had me send it to them twice already for "repairs" and the problem still persists.

They refuse to replace it. Costco Concierge is useless.

They just try to wear you down until maybe you buy a new computer from them. No thank you.

@JK Taylor

Had same problem with a laptop . When it came back unrepaired after second time (with additional problem) I was told it was past the 2 year mark.

I had spent numerous hours on phone with them. The CSR refused to return my calls, the supervisor refused also. Ended up calling Costco Corporate, got some runaround there, After a couple of months Costco had me return laptop and gave me a refund.

Horrible experience. Won't buy anything from Costco that requires Costco Concierge Service


I sent back my Acer Chromebook for repairs, it was returned to me and still didn't work. There was no explanation?

I called and asked why they sent me back the computer without explanation and it still doesn't work? I was told they tried to contact me but couldn't get in touch with me. I have no messages. They checked their notes and I was told they found water damage so they wouldn't fix it I would need to take it to a local firm for repairs.

A simple note would have been helpful.

This is the second Acer Chromebook I have owned that just shut off during operation. I don't recommend Acer Chromebook or Costco Concierge.


Word of wisdom from an employee at the concierge:

1: we are a third party tech support, meaning costo pays us to try to resolve your issue over the phone

2: we do not have authorization to deny or approve returns. So stop calling the concierge demanding a refund because you talking to the wrong people.


3: don't let one agent ruin your entire experience. Yes some agents suck. But some actually try.

4: stop freaking out on us because your *** is broken, it's not our fault we are paid to help. I know agents who treat your service the way you treat them.

Meaning if your cool they will go above and beyond, if your an *** hole we gonna put you on an SFC scan and set up a callback that we are not going to make.

5: We are not incharge of setting up service if your unit is broken so try not to demand us to make the process any faster. 6: we need certain information to be able to help you. If you don't want to provide then don't expect top of the line assistance.

7: and my most favorite of all.

STOP CALLING US AND TELLING US YOU KNOW COMPUTERS. If that were true then you wouldn't be calling us.


I find your post hysterical. It doesn't matter if you are 3rd party, you are a customer service rep.

1. I am still dealing with a computer issue over the phone with concierge for 2 months now, It is my belief they are waiting for the warranty to run out, and then tell me ohhh well...sorry....

2. COSTCO is in your work for COSTCO by default.

3. I have spoken with a total of 7 agents, some I have gotten more than once.

I am always polite, and it does not help, I have had multiple people run me through a bunch of different "***" fixes, telling me my computer is fine now. And when I try to explain that I have done this same action before and it didn't fix it. They ask...."Well, do you see the same problem on your screen?" Welllll no I don't because you had me do a reset, and it will take it 10-15 minutes to act up again. " you are good right now though right?"

Seriously, it is a joke.


You advise stop freaking out on us, because we are paid to help. Well, like the original posting person states. You are no help, it is a front to try to postpone a real fix until the warranty expires. 5.

My most favorite, you don't know computers either or you wouldn't be telling people to hold their power button down for 1 full minute, and viola!!!! your *** is fixed!


Actually that's called a power cycle . I worked in a similar career as the CCS.

And that's a common procedure.

All of the troubleshooting they do is things you can just look up on the Internet. They isn't any special training that make them experts.


Right? Where do they goer these obviously incompent fools from.

Get real jobs and don't poss off real working people. I bet you has the time to type your comment while putting YOUR customers on hold. What a freakin joke.

I would love to say what I really want to say here but I would be deleted I'm sure. Costco should be ashamed to have their good reputation ripped to shreds by these incompetent lowlifes


After reading your message, if that's your general attitude, you should be digging ditches somewhere and NOT involved with customer service.

Believe me, I KNOW computers. First time I sat down at a terminal, magnetic tape was just coming into being to replace cardboard punch cards for storage. The only reason I called your service (4 times) was to find out where to return my HP laptop because it had a hardware problem. Ran through all the "fixes", (which I had already done on my own, anyway),knew the problem was in the hardware (which it was), and wanted the answer to one simple question.."WHERE DO I SEND IT?".

Was run around more times than a greyhound chasing a mechanical rabbit on a racetrack..FINALLY got a good supervisor (after almost reducing one rep to tears..felt bad about that, but I did what needed to be done to get to someone with authority...something that should have been accomplished with a simple request)..

I spent over 40 years in the hospitality industry, and lived by one rule--"Make your customer happy"..A rule that served me quite well. Can't count the number of times I turned a customers bad experience into a positive one by listening to their demands, and trying to accommodate them..Did it work every time? Of course not. But I've turned many people that had one bad experience into regular customers with that philosophy..

The whole idea of you setting up a callback with no intention of making it is just plain wrong..You really need to look at your own attitude first..Might explain why you're dealing with a disproportiate number of *** as opposed to some of your co-workers..


This explanation is exactly correct. I called and got a concierge person who could barely speak English.

Needless to say my problem was not fixed. I was ready to take my TV back to Costco for a refund and decided to try concierge one more time. A wonderful woman helped me set up and correct the problem in about 5 minutes.

It pays to be persistent. I do not understand why companies employ people who can not speak the language.


You should be out of a job. You should be fired.

You all are incompetent. What the *** do you get paid to do?