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Warning: whatever you do don't buy electronics here. Their 90 day return policy is unbending, even if your computer breaks down on the 91st day.

In my case, after 3 hours on the phone with the costco tech support service, they're having me send my computer out for Dell, which means I'm out of a computer for 2 weeks while it's being repaired. To have to send a 4 month old computer back to the manufacturer for repair means it's a lemon! Costco is great for froyo and family packs of yogurt and lightbulbs, but I'd be really wary about making another major purchase here.

I've had better experiences at actual electronics stores for purchases like this... in my experience, it's worth the extra $ to get a computer from an actual electronics store.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I had exactly the same issue with the Toshiba laptop I purchased from Costco. I spent $700 on it, and it stopped working after only 6 months.

I didn't expect a refund. I did expect Costco to have it repaired, since it was under the 2 year warranty. I first took it into the Costco Warehouse, then was referred to concierge since it is past the 90 days. Concierge spent about 1/2 hour trying to reach Toshiba, and then an extremely obnoxious person at Toshiba told me that warranty would not cover the problem and they would only fix it at my expense.

I ended up paying to fix it locally, did not want to ship it off to Toshiba for an undisclosed amount of time and be billed for an undisclosed amount of money, and I am a full time student, so I need to have my laptop here.

Bottom line is when Costco takes my $700, I expect the laptop to work for longer than 6 months, and if it doesn't, I expect Costco's 2 year warranty to at least help to fix it. Costco even removed my review on warning others not to purchase this laptop.


Dell is the worst computer on the market. Next time do some research and do no not buy the worst computer on the market.


Which store allows returns on computers after 90 days? Can you even name one that matches Costco's 90 day policy?

Unbending? It's a policy.

Let me guess, you thought an exception should be made for you because you're special, right? Awesome.


The problem is that they advertise the two year warranty thing as a benefit. They don't however follow through with the repairs that they advertise when the original manufacturer is incompetent.

Unlike Best Buy or Amazon, they don't make sure the repair is complete by managing the replacement or fix of the product. It is a very sneaky way of pretending to offer a warranty without actually offering it.


you know denova74, this is the second post i've read from you whining about something you clearly don't appreciate. Quit pouting because you can't get your money back.

Regardless of you liking or disliking their concierge service, it is a warranty program and if you jump through their hoops you'll have your issue resolved.



Costco does NOT offer a two year warranty. Period.

Costco uses it's buying power to get the MANUFACTURER to give you a second year of warranty.

Costco =/= Manufacturer

You should cruise over to Best Buy and check out their sweet 15 day return policy on ALL products (other than microphones and ink, which they do not take back at all).

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