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It's very comical to read all these complaints about rudeness and arrogance from the employees. This is most likely the completely ridiculous members that come into the store and demand to be treated like royalty because they pay $50 per year.

Just because you pay $50 per year does not mean you can go into a store and talk down to the people that work there as though they're inferior and verbally abuse them. Maybe it's your nasty "Bow down to me" snot nose attitudes that prompt your bad customer service. Did you ever think of that? Maybe you should try respecting hard working people and be happy for others that they still have a job in this economy, instead of complaining to managers every two seconds trying to get people fired.

Maybe find something better to do with your time, because frankly, NO ONE at Costco is ever going to get fired because you tattle taled on them to a manager. lol

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The check out clerks are very rude. I won't shop there again.

It wasn't my attitude, it was theirs that was in the wrong. I'm tearing up my card.


i worked at costco and was caled a *** by the store brownnose wannabe warehouse manager etc etc ,im not even mexican im pacific islander , was on aisle stocking wanna be walked up[ and said wtf are you doing on this aisle are you *** , yaa thats a great work enviroment !!!!!


How did the process go for you before you got hired? Did you have like 2-3 interviews then took a drug test and had to wait for your background check?


my kid worked there and said people were so rude, he could barely take it............


I suggest you cancel your membership and get a full refund (not prorated) and shop elsewheres. I am certain you can find better products at lower prices........... yeah, right!


Average Shopper,

Another thing I find amusement in is your response to my comment. There is nothing wrong with my attitude toward customer service.

In fact, I ENCOURAGE customers to go complain about me, should they have an issue. Maybe understanding what you read would do you some good. By no means am I referring to every consumer. The consumers that I speak of are individuals who believe it's ok to go into someone's place of employment and treat them poorly because they are not happy with a product or service offered by the company that person works for.

And, when I say poorly, I mean use derogative language toward the employees, etc. The main idea here is: TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. Besides being an employee of Costco, I'm also a consumer myself. I do not ever go into a store and treat their employees poorly if I am unhappy with something.

Yes, I'll let them know I am unhappy with their products or services. However, I'll do it in a tasteful manner. So, if what I said offends you, then you're probably one of those consumers I speak of. Costco is responsive to consumer input.

However, a lot of times what the members are complaining and getting derogative about with a regular employee are things that should be said to management. Costco has a policy that a single employee cannot change. That is up to management to decide.

Also, I do not have to disclose to you whether or not I am a "Costco spokesperson" as you put it, but I will say this: It's called freedom of speech. Employee or not, I have a right to say what I wish, just as you do.


Costco Employee,

The fact that you find amusement in customer complaints is an indication that something is wrong with your attitude toward customer service. In your brief post, you managed to complain about your wages, use derogatory terms to describe customers and their actions, and discourage customers from speaking to management.

If it's true that "NO ONE at Costco is ever going to get fired because you tattle taled on them to a manager", then perhaps the company needs to review its HR policy. A company that isn't responsive to consumer input is a company that will find itself behind the competition in short order.

Are you an authorized spokesperson for CostCo? Most companies have policy that prevents their employees from speaking on behalf of the corporation - and doing even more damage the way you have here...


If you don't like Costco, don't shop there! 'Nuff said, problem solved.

I don't like certain places (restaurants, stores, etc.) - therefore, I do NOT patronize them. Freedom of Choice is simply that - enjoy them while they last!

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a Veteran!


Ok "Me Pi$$ed Off," first of all, did you even read what I wrote? Maybe read it again and comment.

lol What are you talking about when you say "the real world?" What world are you from? A lot of businesses have some retarded policies that are just as *** as some of Costco's so maybe you should reconsider what the "real world" is. And, when I say I don't think members should come into the store acting trashy and expect to be treated nice, I mean this: for example, don't come into the store yelling at an employee & using profane language like a child because Costco wouldn't give you your way. Costco has policies just like every other store and if you don't like, don't do business with Costco.

The way I see it, Costco has a VERY lenient return policy and members return things they bought like 10 yrs ago & get their money back!! So, really what do you even have to complain about? I believe members should receive great service. Don't get me wrong.

But, when you come in acting trashy, you're not going to get good service from me or anyone else with some common sense.

I don't have time for ignorance, nor do I get paid enough to deal with it. : )


Employee you are WRONG!!!! Most customer get to the way they are from the way they have been treated by Costco and by what they see in the culture Costco has developed.

I always compare to what the real world offers in service. And Costco does not compare in satisfaction. And even though you may not agree, members should be treated better than a customer.

And what I am saying as a customer at most competitive businesses are treated better than what they are at Costco. So Costco is two levels below good customer service.


Amen! i completely agree, managers could care less, honestly they only wanna make these problem customers happy by 'yessing' them to death

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