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My shopping cart was emptied by an employee named Kelli, while shopping at Costco 5/22/2017, 8:10 pm at your warehouse located at 951 Palomar Airport Rd Carlsbad, CA 92011. At 8:08 pm, I parked my cart (full of fresh meats, chicken, vegetables, liquor, and jar items, to walk a round trip to retrieve two loaves of bread (a minute and half trip).

When I returned at 8:10 pm, my cart was nowhere to be found! I went up and down 5 aisles, only to find an employee named Kelli pushing it (now empty, except for the peanut butter jars in the exact location I placed them in the cart) back to where she stole it, to restock that. Caught red-handed, I questioned her, and she admitted taking it from that aisle. I stated how upsetting it was, that I could not possibly restock all the items in time to check out now.

But I did let her know that as a prominent Consumer Advocate, I was the last person to do that to, and that this event will be posted on all my sites (with only 310, 000, 000 readers in four languages worldwide), as well as a complaint to Costco corporate in Kirkland, Wa. Her reply was: "Oh, do you not like Costco?" Was this some feeble-minded manager's idea to shave some time off the clock by restocking items from carts ASSUMED to be abandoned, BEFORE their patrons are out of the store? Wait until their owner Jim Senegal and CEO W. Craig Jelinek finds out about this ***-poor customer service.

I should have made her manager restock every item in my cart and bring it to the front to ring my out. What a lack of common sense, and poor policy of treating people like sheep. I would have had plenty of time to gather my last two things and check out by 8:15 pm, but I walked out. I will have to make a second trip (this time to a different warehouse tomorrow to gather everything again.

This time, I will be using a bicycle cable lock to lock my cart to the many metal vertical posts on your commercial warehouse shelving, should I need to walk more than 9 feet from it. This is (no doubt) some penny-shaving scheme some $12/hour manager has come up with (maybe even a valuable $18/hour executive) to close up the doors sooner after the last customer exits at 8:30 pm. My cart wasn't parked there longer than a minute before that air-headed employee snagged it and re-shelved everything at turbo speed. I expect this issue to be addressed in a reasonable amount of time by Costco.

I also expect proper customer service recovery measures to me, as well as addressing this practice by employees there, to be implemented by Costco corporate, it's CEO and it's owner.

J. Wood, GCA Global Consumer Advocates, LLC Carlsbad, Ca

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Costco Pros: Wasting time and gas.

Costco Cons: Getting treated like cattle, Having my cart emptied before closing time, Employee kelli.

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What a hilarious tale! So you mean to tell me that "in less than a minute" a Costco employee restocked all but two items in your very full shopping cart??

That's extremely impressive and efficient - if that employee is reading this, please contact me as I would love to offer you a job with my company!!

And you are a "prominent consumer advocate" ...

Haha!!! Right!


Sounds like you really needed those tampons, Jack Wood.

C U Next Tuesday, for real.


If that Costco employee was able to unload your cart and restock all the items in 1 1/2 minutes, she is wasting her super human talents working at a Costco!


There is no way the employee was able to unload your "full" cart and restock the items, in the time frame you gave (90 seconds). Your complaint is fake or you are just disturbed.

Also, you are not empowered to "make" the store manager (or any employee) do anything. I think most peoples' reactions to your complaint will be the same as mine: disbelief and then a chuckle.

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