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The eyeglass department seemed ok even though they were always understaffed.The 3 pair of glasses are for TV, computer and driving.

The anti glare coating fell off all 3 pair. They said I scratched the glasses so no warrantee. I looked at the glasses under a microscope and the coating is actually falling off. I use soap, water and a soft cloth and the coating still comes off.

I previously used the clip on sunglasses and the plastic clip knocked off the coating. I stopped using the sunglasses. Those clip on sunglasses never bothered my Wal-Mart glasses. The coating is a spray on coating.

Wal-Mart's glasses has the coating inside the glasses. My old Wal-Mart glasses have no scratches on them. Costco disappointed me. The Costco optometrist is ok but he also says the Costco glasses are not good.

He referred me to Wal-Mart.

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Cosco eyeglass personal are trained to be cunning cons they will tell you a lie to sell they sold me everything I needed high index acrylic no scratch non glare transitions with Crizal quality lenses as my maue jims have than substuted them for plastic cheep inaccuriteperscription that made the letters on the sale sign nonledgable the axis was incorrect twice.Insisted I give them a chNce Ok took a 85 mile trip eyes and face started burning eyes swelled very bloodshot kept constantly blinking felt like I had a fever in my eyes.

Called my eye doctors assistant and she suggested return the glasses and check on the lenses As the prisciption the priscription had polycarbonate lenses as I am allergic intolerent to plastics.My frames are titanium intolerent to other metals the enddeal they used plactic lenses plastic coatings that have plastic they gave money back but connot ship in store till return lenses that,cannot be returned until.I save another $400.\'s to replace the lenses They refused to return my old lenses that they claim they always return.NOT HONEST!



Your wrong about Wallmart glasses there coatings or on the outside and they do come off and turn foggy.They use very cheap coatings, just check around about there complaints.


Go to Sams Club, Walmart owns them and they are cheaper. Costco can't afford the best materials/coatings, like Walmart can. They can't afford Walmart/Sams lab either.

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