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3 comments Item # 77405 shows a 70" Samsung TV for 529.00. I added to cart and noticed down below the size showing 40".

I called Costco and was told oh thanks for letting us know and hung up on. I stewed on that for a while and remembered all the companies in the news over the last several years where the courts and public advocacy groups had intervened in similar situations. I called back and asked to speak to the supervisor I was informed that I would not be allowed to speak to the manager/supervisor and I needed to read the fine print of the online agreement. Well this made me mad and I thought if I were at a car dealer and they showed me a new shiny car with all the bells and whistles and I bought said car and they handed me the keys to a 1976 pinto and said should have read the fine print well you get my point..

This is a clear mistake but is also false advertisement. I have shopped at Costco for many years and this will for sure impact my future buying habits.

Mistakes are only mistakes because we expect there to be a consequence for making them. member #111782564812

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Talk about false advertising.costco has a 50 in smart tv on sale and the sales person confirmed that it would be good for Skype with my family and the box showed a Skype icon on it so I purchased one.

After 2 hours trying to download onto the tv with no success I contacted Samsung customer service via email for detailed instruction on how to do it. 4 hours later I receive an email that it cannot be done.

On return to Costco I was given the number for their customer concierge group as the salesperson looked at the box and stated the tv must have Skype capabilities .i spent another hour on the phone with that group who tried to walk me through hooking up Skype with no success.they called me back the next day and connected me with Samsung who took remote control of my tv and attempted to connect Skype.

(Sounds like the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing?). After a half hour they decided to do some research and came back with the same answer. Skype not available. I called Costco and told someone in customer relations that I wanted to talk with the chief buyer for Samsung products.

That was a few days ago with no response.

Guess they figure it doesn't cost anything to blow off another customer. Do I sound upset?


It isn't false advertising, you tool. It would be a TYPO.

The four and seven keys are next to each other. You haven't lost a dime, seeing as you wouldn't have purchased the TV at the actual price. I just checked their site, and the largest TV Costco offers from Samsung is 65".

In addition, Costco uses SIX digits in their item numbers, not five. So now I'm thinking this is bravo sierra.


You really thought you were going to buy a 70" Samsung tv for $500. On what planet can you buy a $2500 tv for $2000 off?

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