Charlotte, North Carolina

Saintsbury Carneros 2009 Pinot Noir was on sale at our local store for $20. ; on the bin, it was advertised as being rated by Wine Spectator as 92 (a very good rating –a great deal for price. Initially disbelieving, I carefully confirmed the vintage and the bottle carefully. It explicitly correlated with the wine bottles in the bin. Thinking I was getting a very good wine at a great price, I bought half a case.

When I got home, I checked this out on the Internet. To my irritation, it was rated by WS as only 90. ONLY THE LEE VINEYARDS Saintsbury Pinot Noir Carneros 2009- a small niche product- was rated 92!!- not the standard Pinot Carneros that was for sale here.

This is fraudulent, deceptive advertising!!! While Costco's favorite trick is to post a rating of a vintage from another year (usually a year that was higher rated), at least -if you're careful- you won't fall into that trap. However, this was explictly correlated with the wine for sale, one cannot conclude anything other than deceptive advertising. While still a reasonable wine rated at 90, there are many Pinots at that rating in that price range. BE CAREFUL, AND DON'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY POST IN THE STORE!!

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I agree that this would be quite irritating, however it's possible that it was an honest mistake and not intentionally deceptive. You should definitely let them know about it.

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