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I personally think the Costco in Garden Grove, CA by far provides the worst customer service than any other Costco around it. Let me tell you why. My husband and I needed to change our mailing address, so we BOTH came yesterday to this Garden Grove, CA location. My husband is the cardholder on the account, and I'm listed as the dependent member. All we wanted to do was to change our mailing address so we can get the mailers. That was all what we were there for. How difficult could it be? We both had our California DLs (non-expired, I might add). What more do they need to change the address? Please don't tell me that they can't verify identity with DMV DLs. All government agencies use those to verify IDs and issue replacement documents. It's funny because we had easier time requesting a change of address for DMV, credit cards, banks, and other financial institutions than trying to change the mailing address here at Garden Grove Costco. Why is that??? Interesting, you might ask?

Guess what? The associate that helped us told us that "they need proof of change of address from the cardholder". When they said "proof of address", what they really meant was, "the cardholder needs to show his/her DMV ID/DL with the new address on it". OK, so my husband, who is the cardholder, does not have his address changed yet on his DMV DL. It just happened that my DMV DL was recently renewed, so mine is already changed with the new address. Well, we asked the associate if there were other acceptable proofs of address change they would require from the cardholder. Well, they wanted us to go home to get them our utilities bills with the cardholder's name on it. Okay….well, I'm actually the one who's in charge of paying all the bills; so my husband, the cardholder, wouldn't have any of those bills in his name.

It shouldn't be that difficult to change a mailing address, should it? After all, my husband and I, BOTH CAME IN PERSON WITH BOTH OF OUR DMV DL's. Can't Costco verify our identities??? Is the burden on the customer to provide "proof of change of address" supposed to protect us, the customers, or COSTCO against some type of consumer fraud? What kind of fraud would that be, for a super store that only accepts three types of payments: 1) cash, 2) ATM, or 3) American Express CC.

I remember when we applied for Costco membership the first time, all we had to do was to show our CA ID/DL, and we could allege any mailing address we want. Yet, when we requested a change of address, they demanded for "proof of change of address"???? Even DMV doesn't require "proof of change of address" in order to change address at DMV.

So we asked to see the manager, we were presented with a racist, discriminating, incompetent person who clearly showed a total lack of management skills with the named "ANGIE". To make matter worse, while I was standing there with my husband, there was this Caucasian lady who just came to the other side of the customer service counter next to mine, who was totally rude and pushed me over more to the opposite side of the counter and said to me, "Excuse me" in a very rude tone of voice. The reason she did that was because she wanted me to give her some more counter space because of her size she needed more space? (There's 1 counter, divided in half, each side serves 1 party/ customer) The funny thing was, when I said it back to her, "excuse you" with the same tone of voice that she just gave me, she got really mad and continued saying "excuse me" over and over and then threw term "American manner" on me like she had any. It actually cracked me up because what she just did, was a "great example of what American manner" supposed to be...LOL. She was the one who was rudely pushed me over and rudely screamed "excuse me". But what bothered me wasn't the fact that the Caucasian customer was rude to another customer, it was the fact that, manager ANGIE, whom I was waiting to talk to, came over, without even a hello first of all, started yelling at me for responding to the rude lady. What interesting was, manager ANGIE failed ask that rude lady, not even one word about why she was fighting for the counter space, the fight which she initiated herself...LMAO. It seemed as if manager did not want to have any problem with the Caucasians, so she felt it was safer to put the blame on the non-Caucasians? Hmmm….some racial discrimination was in the work here...

To make the story short, the female manger, "ANGIE", proceeded to tell my husband and I, that Costco's policy is "the cardholder must show proof of change of address". So, I requested to speak to "the highest store manager". A moment later, a male manager, named "PARKER" came over, supposedly the "highest store manager". He didn't show any interest in solving the problem. He, too, again, emphasized that "Costco accepts change of mailing address under two occasions: 1) when the card is needed to be renewed, and 2) when you can provide proof of change of address.

The whole time, manager PARKER, did not initiate any solutions to the issue at hand. He intermittently listened to our story and failed to provide any suggestions to resolve the problem. I, personally repeatedly asked him if there were other options and suggested several solutions. Specifically, I asked manger PARKER if my husband and I could switch our roles around, meaning, I'd be the cardholder, and my husband can be my dependent member. I told him that my DMV DL is already having the new address on it. Twice, I asked this question to manager PARKER, and this manager totally ignored my question, like he didn't even want to listen to what we had to say. It seemed he didn't have any intention to resolve the problem. All he wanted to do was to repeat the policy again, that he wanted the cardholder to provide proof of address for the change. He kept on repeating it like he was reading a bible. He didn't care if we wanted to switch or that we wanted to attempt to resolve the issue. He, manager PARKER, had no intention to resolve anything, even as simple as processing a change of address or a switch in cardholder name.

Being left with no solution, we requested to cancel the membership and were refunded $50. When I requested to have the names of all the people that we were helped that day, manager PARKER was not cooperative at all and refused to give out any names. I personally had to request manager ANGIE to put her hair/her scarf aside so we could see her name because her name tag was covered with that. Also, manager ANGIE could not provide us her associate name, the associate that was helping us earlier before we requested to see her. Manager ANGIE said she did not know her associates' name or their schedules nor did she know who was on duty and who wasn't. Interesting eh? Being defensive? Refusal to cooperate??? Did they have something to hide? I have the right to ask for names of the one that served me, right? If they wear their name tags, and covered those with their hair, or their scarves, and were asked for their names, but the refused to provide them...What's wrong with this picture? LOL.

Also, when we pointed out the incidence earlier with the rude Caucasian lady, Manager PARKER got really scared and told us that he did not want anything to do with us and wanted us to leave *** "his store"*** once the refund was completed. We asked how we could file a complaint about what we experienced today and manager PARKER pointed to the door and told us to get the piece of paper "TELL US WHAT YOU THINK" at the box place outside the entrance. When we went out to get that, there was nothing in there. Comment box = empty forms. We headed back in and requested for the form, manager PARKER angrily grabbed a stack of form and headed out the door, dropped in the comment box and let us grab the from out from the box ourselves...hmmm... He could have handed us a form when we asked for it before because it was right behind him. Wow, what a great attitude for a manager!

I actually called several Costco stores around nearby areas today and spoke to several store managers, all of which told me that all they need for a request of change of address was to have the cardholder present and show ID, they did not care about proof of change of address. I also asked if I wanted to switch around having me as the cardholder and husband as the dependent, they said they only need the cardholder to be present to do the switch. They personally provided me their names and asked us to both to come to the store so they could straighten out everything for us. Wow, what a difference between other Costco and this one in GARDEN GROVE CA.

So the moral of the story is, Costco at Garden Grove provide the worst and rudest service than any other Costco from nearby areas, not only that it also has some racial discrimination issue it has to deal with.

Oh and what a day! All we wanted was to change our mailing address! It was that simple! But we ended up having to cancel the membership. LOL :)

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How can you even TRY to collect $9.95 just to change my address so that I receive your ads??? I suggest that you change this policy NOW!!! Ernie Chase 239-404-3030 or e-mail : cocosolo905@aol.com


By the way. There is nothing wrong in being discriminating.

It's quite an asset - think Fancy Feast. I believe the word you want is discriminatory.


Where is the racism here? Cry Wolf. :roll


I travel all over southern California and go to costco all over the place including Garden grove. I have never been any store that provides the high level of customer service that costco does. These people must have had some issue they are not explaning.


wow!how rude and childish u r just show. You could of just gone to another costco or come back another day. They do have the right to refuse to service to rude customers.


How funny I recall being at the counter that day and remember a customer making a scene and yelling at the top of thier lungs. I remember a manager coming over to solve what ever was going on,Maybe you should include all the details before you discriminate.


They told you over and over what their policy was, and you just could not comprehend it. I feel bad for those employees who had to waste their time with you; I am sure they are relived that you are not coming back (I sure as heck would be).

And when someone says, "excuse me," it is VERY rude to respond with "excuse you".

It is also funny that you provided ZERO evidence of racial discrimination. There is some evidence that they discriminate against *** people, though. You should sue! :cry

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