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I am a happy Costco shopper. I have purchased numerous items from their store and have always verry happy with the service and prices.

While walking past the numerous Kiosks one day I noticed they provide flooring services. I called and the installer met me at my house when scheduled and was very helpful. After that, it all fell apart. The Installer did not respond in a timely manner and had lots of excuses.

When I finally met with the salesman to sign the contract, it had a clause that spcifically and unilaterally limited their liability for anything. When I questioned it with the local store, they said they could not change it. I signed the contract with the understanding that I would cancel it within the three days allowed if Costco or the installer did not provide something in writing that they would repair any damages caused by the installation. The installer called me back and said they were not allowed to do that because they were a Costco subcontractor and Costco prohibited that.

I spoke with the Costco representative( Wendi French) who was argumentative and talked over me. She finally understood that I wanted something in writing and she escalated the request. She called me back promptly to say they would not put anything in writing. I cancelled the contract.

I feel angry and disappointed that Costco will not put in writing what I hope they would do in terms of customer service. I wish they would step out from behind the skirt of their legal department and put their good service and intentions in writing. I would work with them if they did.

Otherwise, I will shop the floor job I have and find someone who is willing to be accountable. Greg Elam, M.D.

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I just purchased flooring thru Costco and it was a nightmare. Do not purchase ,its contracted out to another company that is terrible, Flooring 101. Costco doesnt back up there product.


You must not be a successful doctor, if you are posting your complaint here.

Second, by posting somebody's name on this internet board, you are opening yourself up to a defamation of character lawsuit. But, I guess you make enough money to hire a lawyer to defend you.

Entitled whining little ***.


Costco says on it's Kiosk in the store that they "will ensure the job is done to your satisfaction." Sounds like a guarantee to me! Both the people at Costco and the installer said they would fix any damages caused by the installer, but they were prohibited from saying it in writing because of the Costco corporate policy.

The subcontractor said they routinely put that language in their contract except when doing the job through Costco because they are prohibited by Costco policy. If the stated intent is to "ensure"(their word)the job is done to my satisfaction and the subcontractor is not paid until I sign that it is, then why have a blanket disclaimer like that in the contract.

It seems disingenuine to me. The reason I persisted with the installer although they weren't making me feel confident was because their pricing was very good and I thought Costco would make it right...until I read that clause!!


Ok, few issues, first, the installer would not be a sub contractor of Costco, as Costco is not the contractor, Costcois just a retailer connecting you with a Contractor, but takes additional sets in handling the payments, otherwise they are no different than using an Online website to hire a contractor.

Second, you wanted Costco to put in writing that they would repair damages they didn't cause by a company they don't own? yes, they rightfully denied your request. That's like asking your neighbor to sign a contract saying he's responsible for any damages caused by the guy he recommended to you...not going to happen.

Third, right from the beginning you called the installers had had numerous problems, so WHY in the world would you continue to do business with them?

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