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I have never seen such horrible customer service than at Costco. Most companies are all about keeping customers happy. Costco seems to have a different policy. I have read several reviews & they all seem to revolve around the same thing. Rude customer service. Perhaps Costco should address some of these issues & update their policies (because the common response to these complaints seems to be "that's policy"). Here are some suggestions:

1. Don't be rude to your members. They pay to shop there so maybe you should keep them happy so that they will keep coming back. It's called "customer loyalty".

2. When a member brings in a guest, try to sell them a membership, especially when the guest wants to buy something. Don't be rude to the guest because they are not a Costco member, because guess what? After seeing how rude & snooty your staff can be, they won't want to buy a membership. Doesn't more members equal more profit?

3. Your system allows people to pay with credit cards that have a different name than the member card, so stop telling people that your "system" does not do that. See point 2 for a solution.

4. Just because two people have the same address on their drivers license does not mean they live in the same household. It just means that they have the same mailing address.

5. If you have issues with guests taking advantage of member pricing, then have non-member pricing. Worked at Safeway.

We don't love in Costcoland.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Cons: Horrible customer service, Cashier, Cold service clerks.

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If you read what you signed up for, Costco does not take payment from non-members in general, especially credit cards. When you sign up for a credit card, you realize credit cards are non-transferable, the same way a Costco membership works.

So no, you may not use someone's Costco card, and then try to use your own credit card. See point 3.


I agree with most of what you said, but point four is wrong. Your drivers license souls have you're physical address, not your mailing address. You can't put a PO box number on your drivers license.


Absolutely, Costco employees are the rudest people, as a whole, I have encountered. Like many folks I have progressed to the use of a smartphone.

I have apps for most things. Including many very secure items, like credit cards and licenses. I put my Costco card on an app. The Costco employees flipped.

Told me they were better and I should always have my card. When I showed the manager my Am Ex card in an app. He said "we're better than them", turned and walked away.

THAT is rude. Funny, I thought Costco was supposed to be a progressive culture company.


What do you consider rudeness? I have a hunch you think people are rude if they don't bow down to your every demand.


The more happy customers you have, the more they keep returning to your store.

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