Regina, Saskatchewan

My neighbour and I both purchased hot tubs from Costco the same day and both of us have had nothing but problems from day 1 ... The last major fix was the electrical panel this cost almost a $1000 to replace.

When 2 hot tubs purchased on the same day are continuously breaking down makes you wonder about the product they are selling. if by chance Costco would like to have a chat about their products

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Totally agreed . Dealt with a "manager" named Kara.

She does not understand the return policy and needs to be retrained. Not sure how she is a manager ??? Must have slipped through the cracks. How do you not understand the simple clearly laid out policy!

She was marching around making a scene at the front area like it was her own money that was being refunded. I just don't get it?!


They (the management team don't understand ) there product guarantee at the warehouse. Cancelling my membership . Enough garbage.

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