Tacoma, Washington

I stopped by on February 3 to pick up their "Prime" Ribeye steaks was standing in line with a $100 bill within 5 minutes of my arrival. The propane grill was already fired up and we had guests arriving in half an hour. I was standing in line and thought I was good to go.

The cashier rang up my steaks ($93.20 for six steaks) and then advised me that my Membership Fee was past due, "Would you like to take care of that now, or later"? I asked him how much it was ($55 he repliced) then told him that I only had a $100 bill on me (ATM was in the car), but I'd be happy to come back on Saturday and pay it. He said that would be fine, and then called for a manager override. The ponytailed young lady in her late twenties sauntered over, and with an air of authority asked, "What seems to be the problem, Mr. Xxxxxx?" I told her there was no problem, I was simply in a hurry and had $100 for $93.20 worth of merchandise and was unable to pay my $55 renewal fee at that moment. "Then we can't sell you this steak, sir"....Ok, I replied. I walked over to the membership desk and gave them my card, asking them to cancel it. "It's already expired," came the snotty reply. "Keep it" I responded, "I won't be back."

My wife and I shop at Costco 4-6 times a month. We were each there three times in the past two weeks: nobody said anything about our Membership Renewal. We checked out three times prior to the ***'s Rush, and nobody said "Boo" about our $55 fee being past due.

After 25 years of membership, I'm done with Costco.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Steak.

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Costco sucks.

power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There's costco for ya


:x costco is a joke. They make it look like your saving money but in reallity your just buying a *** load more and looks like less money.

This is why Americans need bigger houses and storage units on every corner. For all the *** they buy. And for all of you who don't like to get stuck behind people with kids, start shopping online. Families are here to stay.

So shut the *** up stop *** get a life and move on. Costco and most other stores have *** employees and good employees.

You just need to pick with your own judgment who waits on you. If people in general wernt just out for themselves then what a happier world this would be!!


What happens when your gym membership isn't paid for on time? Would they let you work out just one more time?

Explaining why you were in a hurry instead of stating, "I'm in a hurry!" would have helped. I shop this store all the time, and I'm tired of waiting behind people who don't pay their renewal on time.

And I don't think it's their responsibility to remind you every shopping trip that your card is about to expire. Look at your mail, they send a bill two months before it expires.


i get a kick out of watching all the wildebeests coming out of Costco with their 5 pies, cart stuffed with 120 rolls of toilet paper, and just one more 60" tv, oh and it only totals $2500. I don't think most of the people coming out of there have a real idea if they are getting a good deal or not.

I can buy tp at walmart for less, milk at freddies for less, and cheese, and lets not even talk about winco. Do you really need 5 mega bags of potato chips and 3 pies? And that membership fee, bs, Costco is raking in the dough on that.

think about it, no cost of production, no part, goods anything, not even pure air, they are simply selling an idea for $55 a year. Best profit margin in any industry, and this in retail, and people are so *** they cant even figure out how much that pound of dog food is really costing them


Awww you poor sap...your renewal happens in the same month every year...AND they send you a reminder in the mail way ahead of time. Grow up


You call us all losers maybe everyone is right and you are three years old. A normal person would know that they cannot sue a company for beating up their wife and daughter because the company made them angry.


With your attitude I doubt you are anywhere over the age of 6, let alone someone who has been shopping anywhere for over 25 years. Even of you are an adult.

I would think if you had been a customer for 25 years you would know that you cannot buy anything with an expired membership. Your 25 years means nothing to them and you are not a loyal customer if you are not going to ever return because of one incident where you are in the wrong.


After they refused to allow me to buy the steak I was so angry that I felt like beating up my wife and 7 year old daughter. Luckily for them that I am going through councelling and I know how to control my temper or Costco would be facing a lawsuit.


They don't have to accept your card if your membership expired. Don't worry they will be happy to lose you as a customer.


It's dealing w/ *** like you that make working in retail so irritating. Yes, they should have key-flicked it through, but you also shouldn't have carried on like a 3 year old stomping out of the place. Good riddance.


Sorry for your experience. But as I recall they let me through and gave me a reminder that next time I shop I would have to renew.

Even the gas pumps give you a heads up. I find it hard to believe that they would KICK YOU OUT. They would not kick you out, they are just following policy and procedure and they should have done an over ride for you this time and just let you through depending on when was the last time you had your membership.

If it had been a while since you renewed I understand the store policy but if it was just a few weeks then they should of let you shop. Take into consideration all the facts.


You're pissed because they are going by the plain and simple, black and white rules. Idiots like you make me laugh.

You're done with Costco? Your loss brocano.


Wait. What?

How is this kicking you out? Your membership expired and they let it go until a big sale flagged it. I'm sure you received a reminder.

The manager, if you had asked for one, would have probably let you ride IF you had a nice attitude. I sympathize with the problem, as it could easily happen, but you can't really blame their adhering to a policy (which is why a manager could have been requested).

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