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*** Costco - Everett, WA **

In 2007, I had a returned check to Costco. This check was returned due to a bank error.

However, I was in a car accident and three months of rehab (outside my residence). Upon getting home, I went through stacks of mail to find that I had a returned check. I immediately went to the Costco store to try to remedy it. Armed with a letter from BofA (stating return was their error) I went up to Costco to pay the check.

They had turned it over to a collection agency. I told them the circumstances behind the check and why it took me six months to get up there. They still insisted I deal with the collection agency and would not recall the check back. The collection agency charged an additional $95 in fee's for the check.

So, a $142 check cost me over $235 with Costco. The manager's name is Bill and apparently didn't even care or show any sensitivity towards my situation. The bank volunteered to pay the return check fee of $25 but would not pay the additional $70 in fee's. I simply asked for Costco to do the right thing.

If I bounced the check due to my mismanagement, then I would take the consequences of that. But not knowing there was an issue due to stuff beyond my control only goes to show how insensitive and profit oriented this company is. Thank you Costco for victimizing me. I vow never to shop with you again.

The time I lost from work due to my accident and the changes this accident has caused my life, you just added fuel to the fire.

Monetary Loss: $141.

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Costco is not the insensitive one, if anyone is to blame it's your financial institution that screwed up. If they made a mistake they should pay all the fees, why should costco pay anything for your banks error?

Why should they be out of pocket?

Because you had an accident? Sorry to hear that but, you need to project on the correct party.


You are the one that needs to be put out of your misery. The only accident that happened was your mother having you.


Hey Irish - go *** yourself. First of all - accident wasn't my fault.

Second, I have lots of friends. Third - this was written well over two years ago. Since then, Costco has done the right thing.

Oh, and one other thing - Go *** yourself. Hopefully somebody sticks a gun to your head and puts you out of your misery.


I also just like the title, "insensitive customer service" This means the OP knew they were wrong but expected them to feel sorry for the accident which they mostly likely caused because they were to angry to pay attention. Using her situation to get pity points.


You are right it is not their fault the OP took six months, it is the OP's fault, if she was in rehab for three months, what about the other three months. The OP is like a small child and blames everyone for hie/her mistakes.


Poor you you had an accident and had to spend month in rehab, with the tone of your letter my guess is that you were too angry to pay attention to the road and caused the accident. I bet you with your attitude have no friends that could have took care of the problem for you, and all your family move far away from you to get away from you.


once it's sent to collections, what do you expect.

They cant do anything at all.

It's not their fault it took you six months.


just curious....seeing how it wasn't Costco's fault either are you still dealing with that bank?

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