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Update by user Aug 28, 2012

I\'m having some issues with Costco, this company is not taking responsibility for their terrible actions. Please read below:

Original review posted by user Aug 27, 2012

August 22: I received a delivery from Purolator, it turned out to be a desk top computer. Order had my name, contact and phone #.

I did not place any other.

There was no invoice in the package, I only found the parking slip with Dell as the shipper and Costco as the receiver.

Called Purolator, was told to call Dell

Called Dell, was told to call Costco

Called Costco, was told to call back the next day.

August 22 (9.00am): Called and finally got through to Costco, was told that the order was for someone else in Ontario and they did not know how it got sent to me. I was asked to give all detail and that someone would call me back immediately. I informed the rep that I needed box removed immediately because my condominium is in the market and I would not be able to show it to buyers due to the big box that I could not hide. Suggested that I take it to a store and the rep said no, to hold on to it until they resolve the issue and contact me.

August 22 (evening): Called Costco to inquire about the status, was asked the same information and was informed that someone would call me. Reminded the rep that I could not show my property to potential buyer due to the package and asked that they expedite the procedure.

August 23: No call from Costco.

August 24: No call from Costco, I called Costco today and asked to speak with a manager, I was put on hold for 17 mins and later told that the manager was not taking any calls and to leave my information that he will call me back. Left the detail a

again, re-iterating the need for urgency.

I sent an email to Costco customer service line to see if I could get a quicker arrangement from there. Was informed that there were working on it and that they will contact me to resolve.

August 25: No call

August 26: No call, went into a Costco (Weston Road and Highway 7) store and there was no help there either.

August 27: I received an email that Purolator will be coming to my home to pick up item within the next 2 days. No apology, nothing. Nobody called me, they even expected me to stay home for 2 days for them to pick up their computers. That is ridiculous.

Think that Costco messed up with my information, released it to Dell Computers and not take responsibility? I am disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Delivery Service.

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That is because it's Dell's product, you dolt.

Costco can't do anything.

It's not yours, so they can't take it.

They cannot come get it.

The company who actually makes and ships the product has to fix it.

Costco is just the middleman.


I was afraid of keeping what does not belong t me as there may be another person billed and waiting for the item. Well, I was able to finally get Costco to authorize the return of the item.

Costco blamed Dell for sending it while Dell blamed Costco for ordering it. Issue was resolved but it left a bitter taste in my mouth about Dell Canada and Costco.

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