Santa Barbara, California

I recently purchased Costco's latest model Kirkland hearing aid, which is based upon Seiman's top of the line Pearl model. Both ear pieces have been returned for warranty repair several times.

I was a very early purchaser of this model, just after it was first introduced. I had to wait a couple of weeks to place my order. When they work, they are very good, comfortable and effective.

The problem seems to be an electronic failure after a few weeks of use. I suspect they may be have widespread problems with this model since the first turn around time for repair was two or three days, while my latest turn around has stretched to over a week.

While the warranty program is available I will continue to use it and remain with the product. For when it works, I am very happy.

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I think COSTCO is a great place to buy hearing aids.

THEIR TECHS do NOT work on commission. Huge deal.

The TECH I use is good, solid, and tried to get me to spend LESS money. He suggested I buy just one, I wanted two. He was right. Lucky I had good insurance. Great return policy, too.

I bought a Rexton 12 channel GEM for $995. It goes for $2K or $3K at other places. therefore: go Costco. Great after sale service, too.


The Hearing Aid Manufacturer is only as good as the individual hearing aid Dispenser.

COSTCO is a great Company and a blessing for the Consumer and especially those needing and benefiting from the use of hearing aids.

Unfortunately, the dispensing of hearing aids is accomplished on a one on one basis, and every Dispenser is different.

If you want an unbiased opinion on the products,policies,practices,procedures,etc,of hearing aid dispensing, based on 29 years experience in the hearing aid business, please do not hesitate to call me at my expense.

(800) 432-7114

David A. Thorpe


Lost 1 hearing aid..still under warrenty..send email to do not know what to do..


Can you give us an update on if they replaced your failed hearing aids and if they are now working fine? They have sold thousands of them and this is the only complaint I have found so far.

I want to buy a pair as I have tried them and they seem equal to ones costing twice the price! Thanks

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