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My wife and I have been the biggest fans of Costco for many years. We have shopped Costco all over the country and loved the products and experiences.

On the day we moved into our new house in Louisville, I picked up a couple of pizzas that were discounted at the Louisville Costco. They rang up at full price. I went over to "Customer Service" to get my three dollar time 2 back. The woman at the desk (Yvonne Harris) spoke broken English and basically told me no refunds, no adjustments, get out of the store.

I put the pizzas along with other items on my Costco Amex and was not going to leave without a refund. I then made the mistake of thowing the pizzas down on the counter demanding a refund. This triggered a reaction that I was a bad guy that should be arrested. After a long discussion with a really nasty manager.

They reluctantly gave me my money back. I complained to the Regional Manager and he supported the actions of his team. Costco is a great store with great products but, look out for the #@$% that run the Louisville store.

Also, if you need customer satisfaction from this regions management team, you are better off dealing with K-Mart. I am hoping SAM's Club will force the Louisville Costco to close!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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I would have given you the 6 bucks just to get the line moving. A whole 6 dollars.....


I find your review hard to believe as I have been a customer of this Costco since it has opened in 2006 and am there 1-2 times a week. Although I have returned maybe 3-4 items over that entire time I have never been questioned or treated with anything but respect and courtesy.

I'm certain any one with common sense would see right through your malicious review, especially where they stated to you, "no refunds, no adjustments, get out of the store", that obviously did not happen.

I am certain just by your review, that you were nasty and were the reason that your experience spiraled into a bad situation.

Where did you move from with your crass attitude? Maybe you didn't realize that the gentile Midwest/Southern hospitality here is different than you're used to, maybe it is YOU that needs to change and become a nice person.

Oh, and by the way, Costco has been so successful in the Louisville area that they are opening a second and even bigger warehouse here, so your far-fetched and isolated "incident" was obviously not the norm...if it even happened.


Must be the lack of customer service skills in Kentucky. I have no problem with Costco in other states.

Consider the circumstances in Kentucky, folks in that area are just have bad attitudes.


I moved to Louisville from Chicago 30 years ago. There is nothing wrong with customer service here.

In fact, it's better here than most other parts of the country.

Thats one reason I stayed. And the Chicago winter's suck!


to all Costco employees : just give the customer the coupon price! Make the customer happy!

The secret to getting ahead in retail is find out what the customer

wants and then get it for them. rules and store policies be damned. If you have to say

no to the customer get your supervisor to do it for you. that is their job.

That is why they get paid more. Its also a way to make the customer understand that you really did everything in your power to help them.


I just called customer service because I had a question about my business account and tax exempt status/purchases. I think I must have spoken to the same person you had your encounter with and she was not helpful at all. This will be about the 3rd time I have had bad customer service as well.


While I don't agree with your forcefulness of throwing your items down on the counter (yes, a bit bully-ish) I have to agree that the Louisville Costco customer Service is less than par. I too have lived in other states, mostly out west and have always been happy with the customer services there. I even returned a block of Cheese in Colorado that was sold the day after the expiration date - they took it back and refunded my $$ with a smile.


you purposely became agressive to intimidate an employee. Your suggestion of violence was done to purposely to get your way.

You are a bully.

And to prove you're a bully you then mentioned her full name in your posting and the fact that she spoke broken english. Why didn't anyone else's full name get mentioned - only the person you described as speaking in broken english...hmmm...possibly a bully and a racist.


I too am a Long time West Coast Costco Customer. However, when we moved to Louisville from West Coast, we were very disappointed in the attitudes of the Costco Associates.

Everything from Coupon scanning (would have thought you were stealing money from them) to boxes to assistance at the CS counter. Definitely not the same Costco I had come to know for years.


I, for one, have had nothing but good experiences at the Louisville Costco. All the employees I have dealt with, including when making a return at customer service, have been pleasant and polite.


They wouldn't adjust the price to that which is advertised? Isn't that illegal? Anyway, I'll keep that in mind if I'm ever in Louisville.


The moral of the story push your weight around and get what you want. Seriously they should have called the police on you instead of letting you bully your way into getting what you want.


Was the pizza you bought thin crust chicken pizza because the same thing happened to my family. They said it was six dollars but it was $17


Actually, even though you were dead wrong in your response - you're accurate about a few things. The store manager at Louisville is a "hot head" and would just as soon scream and cuss out his employees as coach and mentor them..or sleep with the good looking ones (as he did in Cincinatti).

The other thing is...the MW district management doesn't have a clue about how to foster positive growth as the other districts have. John Gaherty is wise and devoted and committed - but his staff is out of touch with the employee base. Many of the transplanted employees are ones that couldnt or wouldnt make it in the more competitive districts - so they feel like they're "begging" for good employees and taking under achievers and then try to make them perform.

The district still turns good numbers though - which is ultimately their goal.

Send a letter to Craig Jelinek if you want to shake some foundations. You could also call Jim Sinegal himself - he will answer the phone - but Craig is more....personable :P


you sound like a baby. maybe you should cancel your membership so happy consumers don't have to deal with your outbursts at the louisville store

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