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I have had it with costco. First they are more expensive than sams club 2 they are using the dumb visa instead of amex 3 they stipped carrying coke products in their cafe 4 they constanting "run out" of products just to come back later at higher prices 5 management is rude.

I asked my 12 year old daughter to go pick up a milk for me and the manager accosted her and told her that she was a liar when she said her mom asked her to get the milk. Apparently kids have to be next to their parents at all times.

But ahe is a very mature 12 year old!! I couldnt believe he called her a liar!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So, what did you do about it? He called your child a liar.


Nothing yet because the reason I asked her to pick up the milk was because i was so ill with a flu that I could not go in. As soon as I get well enough, I will go in and make a complaint.

PS 2 other issues with costco...1 every time I pass by there are carts pilled up outside right in front the fire exit (God help us if there is every a fire). 2 at my costco they have allowed homeless to set up a full camp right in front of the store.

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