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Concerning adding a second person to my card.My members number is 111800848143. Name: Thomas Ramsay.

Concerning adding a second person to my card. I am in an electric wheelchair and require a caregiver to assist me with all aspects of everyday living. I have a Costco executive card as does my wife who is also in an electric wheelchair.

We suffer from, my wife and I, and autoimmune disease which means that there are days when we cannot leave our house. With this in mind we decided to add our caregiver to the Costco card so that she if necessary could do our

shopping for us. We decided to remove my wife from the card and replace her with the caregiver who residents in our house five days a week. Naturally this person does have her own address which she uses on weekend's. Our caregiver paid a visit to Costco and explained the situation, this Costco is located in Pointe Claire but instead of putting her on my card she was persuaded to take out her own membership, executive, which was entirely unnecessary in our opinion.

We did pay a visit to the Costco branch in Pointe Claire and spoke to the manager explaining what had happened.

My wife and I were both at Costco in our electric wheelchair's so the manager was well aware of our situation but he refused to do anything about it. So our caregiver, Costco number 111849906769, was forced to pay for an executive Costco, card at a fee of $110 plus tax. We did present the manager with a paper attesting to the fact that the caregiver did in fact work for us but he was unmoved and would not allow us to put her on the card in place of my wife.

I understand the situation concerning primary address comes into play but under the circumstances an exception should have been made.

Thomas Ramsay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Handicaps don't warrant you special privileges sir. If you're unable to such an extent to visit Costco yourself, relinquish your membership and replace it with that of your caregiver.

Nothing irritates me more than people having a sense of entitlement. Enjoy wealth redistribution as is, but don't beg for anything more please, it's borderline disgusting.

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