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The in-house optician reviewed his previous Rx's and saw errors in the Adds, and more important gross errors in the astigmatism corrections; their machine must have been off. Costco did the glasses over again.

My eyes still could not adjust properly. Then, on one day I went to two different places to get independent eyeglass exams; they agreed with each other (and with an RX I got in 2015 after my cataract surgeries) but they were very different from the Costco Rx.

It was hopeless going back to Costco. I went to Walmart to have the most recent Rx filled with Zeiss HD lenses.

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2017

Today, in a Costco chat, I wrote (in several sections due to Costco chat character limits: We want a refund for Costco-prescribed and Costco-built glasses in Costco-purchased frames, but the Optical Manager said they do NOT give refunds on glasses! Is this true?

About two years ago, my wife and I had successful cataract surgeries, and about a month afterward, we had Progressive lenses inserted at Costco. They have worked pretty well, but after 2 years we wanted our Rx's updated. We went to our local Costco and had the Optometrist there (who has filled many of our Rx's over the years) prescribe our glasses. Then we went to the Optical Dept, selected frames and Transition Progressive HD Lenses -- about $600 for both pairs.

A week later when we went back to get our glasses, an error was discovered: The lenses were sunglasses, not progressive lenses! Yesterday our glasses came in again, with Transition Progressive lenses. However, we cannot SEE out of these glasses. I got vertigo immediately when trying on my glasses; I was told that I had to get used to progressive lenses -- which I have had for decades!

Both my wife's glasses and mine had only a sliver for reading, and her reading sliver was still fuzzy -- she can read better without those glasses. Her glasses seem the same on both computer and near distances! We think the lab messed up, the Optician thinks the Optometrist messed up and made appointments for us next Tues. This puts us in the middle of a well-known tug of war between the Optometrist and the Optician!

Also, this would be the 3rd time the frames have to have new lenses put in. They have always warned us of re-using frames. These are expensive frames (about $170 each), and this is just asking for more trouble. We have to go overseas in January where I am giving an invited talk.

We do not have confidence in the Optometrist and/or the Costco Lab and would like our money back. Our old Costco glasses work fine for now. ========================================================== Siobhan O.: It is up to the location regarding returns/ refunds. If they say they will not provide a refund they have the last word on it.

My hands would be tied on this one. The only option I have would be to send an email with this conversation attached. ========================================================== There is nothing else to say. Bye.

========================================================== So, it looks like we are out $600 + $160 for the glasses + exams. There is no posted No Returns policy at Costco or Online?

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $760.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Costco Cons: Whimsical return policy.

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