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The Costco parking situation at the Scarborough location is less than ideal and it has only gotten worse since they added the Costco Gas Station.

My wife parks her car in what she assumed was a parking spot, as there were a number of vehicles already parked, forming a parking row. Upon returning to her car after she completed her shopping, she finds a parking ticket attached to her windshield stating that "Park vehicle on private property without the consent of the property owner or occupant". What corporation in their right mind has their client(s)fined for a parking infraction? I was in disbelief when my wife told me the story. I went to the Costco location to examine the situation for my self and concluded that I would have made the same error, as there were no markings on the drive way or sign postings indicating that there is NO PARKING in the designated area. The city of Toronto issued a $30 fine.

I will be contacting the Costco store later on this week and giving them a piece of my mind, as well as, escilating this to Costco's corporate office. What business enforces parking enfactions on their clients?


One pissed off Costco client!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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You either have an issue reading or you have a comprehension issue. It was a city of Toronto ticket and the city does issue parking tickets on the behest of private property owners.

You really should learn some manners.

Calling someone a dipstick is not only rude but very uneducated. It is one thing to express your opinion, it is another thing to be ignorant.


hey dipstick. Costco dosent enforce parking laws the city does. Dont get mad at the wrong people. For all we know(because your statement isnt clear) she parked in the loading zone. Which if youve ever worked at any store or big box retail constricts that ability for employees to load oversized goods into other members cars. If she wasnt having that specific service doen and was parking in that zone for sure they would call and get your car towed especially if there is aleady limited parking.


DUHHH!!!!??? no brainer buddy. Also

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