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My boyfriend's perscription was shorted 20 out of 70 pills at Costco Pharmacy in Issaquah; they even stored it in a smaller bottle. I was right beside him when we counted it.

Costco claims to have "recounted 3 times" and refuses to admit any fault, which can only mean ONE thing; my boyfriend's medicine (which, by the way, is the strength of morphine) was STOLEN by someone in a white coat, someone we should have been able to trust. My boyfriend is unable to get the proper care he needs and is now lying in bed, pale, cold, sweating, SUFFERING, because a Costco Pharmacist stole his medicine. Pick up your medicine here if you like, but I would advise counting your pills out right in front of the cashier. Who cares if they think it's 'annoying'?

This is your health we're talking about here. Don't let Costco Pharmacy abuse you.

And, YES, Costco, I'm going to post this review everywhere I can find! What you have done to my boyfriend is disgusting, and I will fight to the end for this.

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KMA - You are an angry, cruel individual. People are Rx'ed pain killers because they NEED pain killers.

People who are in pain and are without treatment become pale, cold, sweat and suffer - in PAIN. Some will even vomit from the pain. It's obvious you know little about the medical field, patients or pharmaceuticals.

It sounds like the ones who are ABUSING the Rx drugs are the ones who are shorting the customers.

This is coming from me - a Costco lover - but also a lover of patients and their need for quality care from their nurse to their doctor to their pharmacist.

I hope ALL pharmaceutical customers in doubt at ANY pharmacy will count their meds. NO ONE should have to suffer without what was properly Rx'ed to them because of a pharm or pharm tech intent or error.


You know even in Canada at Costco Pharmacy, they cannot count pills. It is drug for high blood pressure and one ingredient is a waterpill.

It's not a pill anyone even an addict would abuse unless they like *** alot. I told them I never had this happen but you shorted me by 30 pills. The girl retored back Oh, that would be 29...***, I'm sorry I was wrong. They said I cannot re-order its too soon...I said I did not want to re-order I only want the 30 pills they owe me!

As I expected, they would not own up to it! I said so that's how you do your customers, short them the pills and have them once again buy the replacements. Because they would refill for a price.

The next order I pickup this same day I counted to ensure they did not short me again cause you can't prove it once you left the store! I am just going to move my pescriptions out of this store!


Its funny how its always controlled drugs that are mysteriously shorted and they do for a fact get counted twice every time.


The same has happened at the Costco in Oxnard, CA. Every time I have a prescription filled, I open the bottle in front of the sales representative, pour the contents on a paper, and count the contents.

They act surprised to learn of the shortage. I tell them it has happened a number of times before and that is my purpose for counting at the counter. One time they were 5 short (sometimes 15-20), and told me to go ahead and pay the full order and then return on the following Monday for the remainder. I told them it wasn't worth the cost of driving to return for 5 pills and to please have the remainder of the prescription delivered to my home.

Which by the way, they did. So be safe, and count your medications.


bravo, usdg. i HATE people that just don't *** get it. thank you.


KMA, you're such a *** *** Just because he has those symptoms does NOT make him an addict. My sister's boyfriend is on medication for seizures, that if he misses any, he is the same way, in addition to having seizures. Some people take medicine because they actually need it.


KMA, he's perscribed suboxone, you dumb ***. Stop talking *** about people that you know absolutely nothing about and have a little *** empathy.

I'm only trying to keep people from being hurt. What are you here for?


Shut up! OD on your pain killers...

He " lying in bed,pale, cold, sweating, SUFFERING because he's a addict!!!!! Wake up!!


Shut up! OD on your pain killers...

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