Burlington, Ontario

Recently transferred my perscriptions to Costco Pharmacy, filled 3 different ones 3 different times. Asked to be called each time when ready, No Phone call at all for any of them. Also asked for a month supply on most recent, and they filled with 100 days supply, and again No phone call.

When I complained today, I was told " We are such a high volume, that we don't have time to do that".

Well isn't that nice Customer Service, NOT! I guess when you pay $3.89 for a dispensing fee, it entitles you to lousy service.

Extremely Unhappy Customer, who spends about $100 each time she visits Costco! Not anymore!

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i left too, after years of feeding costco $1000 monthly meds i had enough of their poor service. i was fully prepared to pay more and looked at other pharmacies.

surprising that other big name chain grocery / pharm were able to match the dispensing fee AND took the time to get me discounts from the drug makers. I ENDEd UP PAYING LESS THAN COSTCO for my meds. !!!!!!

not to.mention i got all name brand not generics.

I wont name who because you may think i am patronizing but check around. i am sooo happy i left.


I find the arrogance that I encounter at Costco pharmacy is beyond anything I have ever encountered. The only reason that I switched to Costco was because we had lost our insurance;

my husband lost his job due to a corporate merger. Costco prices are cheaper, but with that, you will pay the price; horrible customer service, extended waiting times (2 days normally for a refill that doesn't need a Dr. Call) etc. I especially like to watch their work flow. Half of the time they're gabbing in the back with just one Tech filling.

I've worked in pharmacy for 20 years. I know exactly how a pharmacy is run. Costco pharmacy employees have blatantly lied to me (not knowing that I

Know exactly why they're lying as I'm not some schmo

Off the street with no experience)

Honestly, I don't know how they've stayed in business for so long.

Their arrogance is directly related to how cheap they sell medications. 'you want us to give you a bargain, then you are at our mercy.'

It's no longer how the patient feels. It's more about how they feel, and the God complex that permeates this pharmacy. I cannot WAIT to finally be back on insurance. I'll be transferring EVERYTHING out of that place as soon as possible.


I know how you feel as I have had the same problem. Then just this morning when they refused to fill my presciption because of a new policy they claim they have my privacy was violated by the pharmacey manager when she discribes all my medications that I get from other drugstores in front of about 6 other customers,HOW RUDE IS THAT ?

I will never go back to this or any other Costco pharmacey or store. You are right ! you get a discount and you pay a personal violation of your right to privacy.

Its nobody's business but mine and my doctor what I take for medications. I guess its worth paying the higher cost from other professional stores that in all my life would never conduct themselves in that manner.

As for calling thier customer service,it a waste of time,I been there and done that.


Really? Would you go to a doctor that practiced between produce & automotive?

You go to a place where the profession of pharmacy is inextricably berated and reduced to a mere fee and have the audacity to complain? Don't; you got exactly what you deserved.


Personally I think you should be responsible and call them. If they are telling you they are too busy to call you fine maybe they are.

If you want your prescriptions done fast and you want phone calls when your stuff is done transfer out. Sure you will pay 30 dollars more but that's the price you have to pay for a call.

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