Walnut Creek, California
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I ordered holiday platters from costco in boise they where the worst platters ever one was a shrimp platter that no one liked the shrimp was old I believe that it sat for a few days at the store they have you prefer order them and there supposed to be made fresh so untrue I got a call the day before I wanted my. Platters and they asked me when I was picking them up so dissatisfied I wasted close to 100 dollars on cap we ended up throwing them out it really put a bad taste in .my mouth will never do it again

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Costco has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their membership and products. All you have to do is bring the product back, half eaten of that's the case, and you will get a refund.

Even if you don't have the product and you're not a habitual returner and don't abuse the system, when you go to the returns counter explain the situation ask for a supervisor and you will be taken care of. Trust me, I work there.


Ever hear of punctuation?

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