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I am very upset because I bought what I thought was a fully cooked rotisserie chicken and it is in fact, half raw. The meat around the bones is red and slimy.

I found this out when I served the chicken to my dinner guests about 30 minutes ago. Right now I am pan frying the chicken and I hope that no one has lost their appetite for the main part of the meal. I will never buy another Costco rotisserie chicken or recommend it to my family or friends. Firstly, selling undercooked chicken is unsafe, then there is the secondary matter of inconvenience and embarrassment.

Believe me, if I didn't have guests in my home I would be back at the store to slap the red slimy meat on their customer service counter and ask them if they cared to eat it.

Mina3226 wrote the review because of bad quality at Costco and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $8 and wants Costco to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was undercooked rotisserie chicken. Author liked the most good range and quantity of everyday products. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I have known this for years and complained. A year or so later a documentary came on TV about how when chickens are raised in cages and can never move, the blood stays in their joints and oozes out of their bones.

That is when I realized that Costco is buying chickens that were raised in cages and fatten up fast so they could produce a rotisserie 3 lb. chicken in about 5 mos.I waited for a few more years while carefully buying my rotisserie chickens elsewhere. I thought of all the millions of people buying those Costco chickens and yet no one complaining so I tried it one more time. I got the chicken home and cut into it and I was shocked to see the blood on the rib cage and into the leg bones and meat.

I called one more time and complained telling my story but the manager denied it and when I gave her proof, she then told me to speak with the meat department. When I spoke to him, just like the first time he denied knowing any thing about the blood in the chickens.Twice I have been brushed off while millions of people are eating their chicken. What are the odds of an over a 5 year period having bought a chicken twice and years apart and getting the same bloody chickens.

Next to the ribs it looks like gelled blood and when I told it to the butcher at the first time he said it was okay to eat it and that it is done. I retorted that I am not going to eat gelled blood.


Strange, this has not been my experience. They check the temperature of every rotisserie chicken, and I have eaten lots of them with no problem.

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1124909

Who knows if the temperature was in fact checked on this particular batch of chickens. Maybe it didn't get done.

Or if the meat thermometer wasn't pushed in deep enough to go right through to the middle and near the bones. Maybe others have had the same experience with undercooked meat but haven't said or done anything about it.

It could be that this was an isolated incident.

to Anonymous #1417035

Not only are they temp checked. It has to be recorded in a log that is submitted with the batch number and signature. In addition the birds come off the spit on a timer.

to Anonymous #1429702

Not isolated! 3 times for me where I threw chickens away in disgust ! New Britian Connecticut.

to Leslie Santiago #1440328

Same thing happened to me. Had another couple unexpectedly come by, got the Costco chicken and it was bloody raw at the leg joint.

I did microwave it on high for 4 min. and the blood went away.

Guess it was now sufficiently cooked. --NOT NICE--

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