I have been a Costco member for many years, and like the company. But now, Costco renews my membership without telling me, and the $110 puts me over credit card limit.

They gave me no notice or membership choices. Not happy. They know they messed up and offer a refund now. And, to make it worse, this website will not let me submit my complaint until I have written the arbitrary and random 100 words minimum.

Not sure if this is 100 but I am going to try to submit jit again now.

Darn, just seven words shy. This should do it.

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Yes make it a habit to read the official terms before u sign ur life away !


So I am guessing that you signed up for there American Express card. Did you read the user agreement before you signed the application?

Because I read mine and it CLEARLY states in a normal size font (not a small font that not many people will read) just above where you sign that your membership will be automatically renewed on the 1st of the expiration month. This to me seems like your fault and not Costco's fault.


Membership comes up for renewal once a year so not quite sure how this was a surprise to you. Also, if you did not want to have it automatically renewed, why did you sign up for an American Express Card and then not disable the auto renew option?

This is one of the selling features that they use to sign people up for Amex, auto-renew, so you don't have to worry about it. One thing I like, and dislike at times, about Costco is there willingness to admit fault and compensate when that fault was not there's, but the fault of others as in this case with you.

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