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So my Mum needed to return something she bought from Costco last week. Since her work is petty busy, she asked to me make the trip to Costco and return the merchandise on her behalf. Mum gave me her membership card and the AMX Card she used to pay for the said merchandise. So I make 12 miles trip, went straight the return desk. The guy who work at the front desk immediately said NO, and that my Mum had to be present in order to process the return. Well I said you can check my address with my driver license, it is the same as my Mu's Membership . I was not trying to take advantage to your " Members only " benefit, I am just try to help out my Mum. The guy never listen, he insisted that Costco is a member only club. Then I asked to speak with the manager, who give the exact same response.

I understand that costco membership had been abused so often, people borrow the card from their friends or relatives to avoid paying the membership fee. But in my case, Costco could had done better.

P.S. My Mum does not speak English. She can go shop at Costco on her own just fine. But for today's case, It doesn't make a difference if my Mum is present . I am not buying anything today so I will not using her AMX card. So why not just accept the return, and credit the refund to the card, and everyone is happy. Sure I can make the 24 miles roundtrip to pick up my Mum at work and back to Costco, but the guy at the return desk still needs to talk to me since Costco is lack of bilingual staff.

Costco, If this is your policy, then your policy needs to be FIXED!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No, it does not need to be fixed. What you were requesting is rightly against their policy and it's reasonable.

You are saying they need to change the policy just for you. I'm glad they did that, it makes me feel more secure.


Along with benefiting from quality products at great prices, the awesome return policy is part of the paid membership. The Costco member who's name is on the card has to be present.

Luckily for you costco memberships come with one free household card so seeing as how you said you live at the same address your mother can add you on to the membership. Now with the credit card situation its a matter of financial security for the credit card owner and liability for the company, nobody's accusing anybody of fraud but the only way to minimize the possibility is to make sure any transactions whether purchases or returns be handled only by the credit card owner.

If she is there and you have to translate that's fine, she's there and the return will be processed easily! Hope this helps clarify!

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