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Costco corporate policy "guarantees" full refund for all returned items:


In reality, however, it's the store managers that determines if you 'deserve' a refund based on things like quantity, race, gender, ethnicity, and store manager's mood among others.

A few days ago, I returned some 15% of a particular bulk item that I bought from Costco last year.

One store manager took the product from his store and gave full refund but another store manger refused to take the item back from her store.

I called corporate affairs and complained but the regional manager backed the latter stating that the individual managers have to determine what is 'reasonable return' and what is not.

Question: Why didn't you guys just state that in your return policy and avoid "unreasonale" customers like me? What a shame. What a fraud!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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How can you expect a refund for 15% of a product?so basically you use 85%of it and aren't satisfied.give me a break


The point is that they claim in writing that there is no limit to your customer satisfaction guarantee. That is a false claim,specially if your gender and race are factors that weight in their disision.


Sounds like returns abuse. Costco guarantees satisfaction. After a year, they believe you are satisfied with your toilet paper, pickles, "bulk items", etc


I agree that this review is complete nonsense. Costco has the best return policy for customers, bar none.

"Particular bulk item" means what? Used loo rolls? I have returned dozens of various items to Costco and never had a problem.

I will continue to spend thousands per year at any of their stores that I can get to all over the world. I especially like the stores in Canada.


Yo think they should give you a full refund for 15% of a bulk item purchased a year ago? Wow, I'm actually surprised you got anything back.


It is YOUR fault. Next time don't wait A WHOLE YEAR to get a refund on an item.

Be like any normal shopper and get a refund within several days from the date of purchase.No store should give a refund to a *** like you that waits A WHOLE YEAR to try and get a refund. Good going ***.

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