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I love Costco but the most irritating me is when the staff in front is no greeting and ask the Costco for membership card! Hate it!!

You know we need the card when we pay anyway! Why do you need to ask for?

You should give welcome instead of this BS! Stop it now costco.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I believe in contract with membership that you are supposed to show membership card at entrance each time. why the big hurt to bother to open wallet and show card?

Not difficult compared to being rude to the worker doing their job seeing cranky rude shoppers mistreat them all day.

If you are missing card from some other reason and hold up shopping check out by your mistake then everyone else suffers. You can't checkout without it, that is why they want to ensure you have it on your person easily found. Don't be so difficult to employees.

Nice people show the card as supposed to.

Have manners.

Consider your actions.

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