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Costco is getting old. First major complaint: You spend allot of money all year to receive te rewards money at the end.

But it has to many exceptions to using its ***, ***, and frankly make Costco a bunch of *** The exception that has megited up is that you can't use it online at So ***.

And Im so mad, that I'm adding them to my boycott along with Starbucks, McDonald's in Hostess. I would rather spend extra money and go to other places like Smsrt and Final, Walmart, etc.

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What the heck does megited mean?

What the heck is Smsrt ?


Both typos. Sorry, I'm human!

I was so frustrated that I didn't recheck. I use to check everything in my younger days. But I haven't shopped at Costco since and saves me over an hour each time. And we actually love smart and final.

Plus I'm saving lot of time having to wait for a wheel chair since mine doesn't fit in a car that I'm being taken in and finding someone to take me. Plus I was buying things I really didn't need.

I know for a fact that Costco isn't always cheroer then other stores. And have found other nearby stores with cheaper prices for items I really really need.


As long as you are NOT at Costco, I will be happy. Good riddance. I have found the coupon to be very easy to use, and no problems with Costco.


Oh really? At the end of the year I received my $628.76 rewards.

If you just buy groceries your fine. Read the back of it where all the exceptions exist. By the way there are lots of items that aren't in the stores, but Costco does sell online at their website. However, you can't use your rewards money online, only in the stores.

It's a good thing that I didn't buy as much within the year or I would have more money that would be required to spend only in the store for basic things. How much was your reward certificate for? $100.00 or $200.00 max? Plus, I can buy things much closer then driving 40 minutes to get to the nearest Costco.

Ps: You appear to be a very rude person that we would t even want to associate with.

You snob. Msybe you need to go to an ethics class or a class that teaches manners.


Wow! You don't sound like you possess an ounce of smugness yourself! Good riddance my ***!

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