Durham, North Carolina

I've been a member of Costco wholesale for at least ten years.In that time I have watched the customer service and product quality go slowly down the drain.

This last trip to there store was the last straw.Not only is the quality poor they have gone into the McDonald's mentality mode,selling the customer what they want you to by not what thee customer wants.

I tried to by a certain size roast which they could have provided by cutting a larger one in half but refused to do so.

I gave them My card back and will never by from them again.

unhappy customer in Durham.

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This complaint/review is for the customer service that I had received in this location of Costco. (Location: Sunnyvale, CA)

I have been a customer for over 20 years and in that time, I can definitely tell you that I've never had any complaints or issues with their customer service.

However, things have changed in the decade or so. This time my experience is with the same cashier. Her name is Cristita L (or so it says on my receipt), she's an elder woman (ages of 50s-60s) and is asian or some sort of asian ethnicity. I've come into contact with her a few times while she was ringing me up and has always had a rude tone.

I have seen her being this way with other customers in the times that I came to shop here but luckily did not have her as a cashier.

She would give people an attitude and give a snotty tone. It's such a disrespect!

In my last encounter with her, I was shopping with my daughters, she would ask me certain things like: is this transaction together or separate, before I had a chance to answer her, she asked again but raised her voice at me. On top of that while she was ringing up an item she asked: How much is this? I told her, I didn't know and then she went and said well you should know the price of it!

That was very uncalled for with her voice raised again and snobbish tone. Why not just call or have a price check, why give me an attitude? I have had this types of issues with her before where she seems to hate her job and on top of that possibly even hate the people that she is servicing.

This is the only Costco and the only cashier/employee that I have had any type of issues with in my 20 years of being a member. I urge anyone that shops there to beware of this bitter elder cashier as she does not even try to be nice to her customers and even adds insult to injury.

I will avoid this Costco location for good! I have never experienced such a disrespect from any other of the 3 Costcos I have shopped at: San Jose, Santa Clara (this being the newest), and Mountain View.

I hope that management will do something about this lady and at least give her a pep talk of some sort. Thank you for reading!


I agree with the poster that Costco's service is deteriorating more and more. It's bound to happen to any large company, and finding employees that will put tons of energy into being overly positive and friendly at that pay scale is always going to be a challenge.

I would just say, realize that you're not going to a local butcher who will be happy to oblige you to keep your business. Costco is the largest and most dominant in it's class of retailers, even Wal-Mart's Sam's Club doesn't pose much of a threat.

Costco is a one-size fits all shop, they are about selling bulk with a range of poor to good quality products - they are not about making the customer thrilled like other more specialty retailers.

If you want to be treated like a human being with feelings and respect, act like one - don't go buy your goods at a place where the isles are big enough for cattle to walk through.


Costco has a full service meat dept?


You are a ***. Why would they cut up a roast for you?

People like you give this country a bad name, entitled American consumers. Stop eating lead paint.


Stop attacking people's review if you work for Costco, and get a life.


with that kind of mind set they're probably happy u gave the card back. I know I wouldn't want to deal with u


I tried to "by" a tire at costco and they wouldn't cut it in half for me. they wouldn't sell me what I wanted!

this is a completely invalid complaint - and the word is "buy" not "by". It's too bad that people with spelling skils this poor are allowed to have computers


ummm...just a thought..why not just cut it in half yourself and freeze the half you did not want to cook?


Don't reply on my letter freak. loser, ***, ***, retard, dummy ***. You don't know how to read dummy you have down syndrome retard, well I just said I gave them the card and won't by from them again.


Costco always carries quality product and the customer service has always been great too.

If they had to stop production just to cut your roast in half, then why not do it for everyone else?

if you don't like what's on the shelf GO somewhere else. Even if they were gonna cut it for you they'd STILL charge you the same price as if it were a whole.

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