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I just had an unfortunate and scary experience at a local Costco. I have been a faithful customer for over 10 years. I feel that Costco is getting proud and forgetting that it is us who support their business, and that customers deserve respect and friendly services.

I brought a pair of pants to return today. I thoughtmy membership card and receipt were in my purse, but unfortunately, I forgot them at home. It was okay -- I thought, and told the customer service -- I would just come back some other day. Then, with the pants in my hand, I walked passed the counter to use the washroom quickly. I was really not thinking much.

Wow, it was a big sin! I only moved a few steps away from the counter, and the big guy at the door who checked everybody's receipt simply jumped in front me and demanded repeatedly and loudly to see my receipt. And I did not have a receipt to start with! By this time the long line of ppl were watching on and I was thoroughly embarrassed and totally scared by such a disrespectful, rude treatment.

The guy did his job very well. I am sure he could catch and scare away shoplifters! And I am sorry that I forgot my receipt and card today. I understand it was his job to catch/block anybody without a card and receipt, but he did not need to be so rude and loud and immediately assume that I was a thief, all in front of many other customers.

I am not complaining about Costco's policy, but Costco needs to know it is wrong to treat any customers with rudeness, loudness, suspicion, and impatience. It was a small misunderstanding, but I am still quite shaken up by the experience.

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BS since Costco can look up both membership card information and purchase information with only your ID. Thief.


Yes, act like a shoplifter, get treated like a shoplifter.


BS complaint, they would not have let you in the store without a membership card and you forgot the membership card. This was either written by a disgruntled employee or someone who really was stealing.

Also they always ask you for your receipt, if you really had been a customer for ten years you would know this.

If this did really happen as you say why not grow up, act your age, take responsibility for your actions and realize that this only happened because you forgot your receipt and membership card. Though how you got into the restaurant without a membership card is a mystery to me.

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