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As a loving husband and father of an eight year old girl and six year old boy, I chose to make December 11th a special day for my wife and children. After explaining to my children how special it would be to shop for my wife-Who is extremely ill at home for a special Christmas present and restock our house with the essential supplies .

My children and I discussed how delighted there mother would be to have a special gift and to have household shopping done for her. I was so proud to see my children get so excited to do something special for there mother. As we gathered bread, fruit, meat, and paper products each of my children anguished with the choice of what to give as a special gift to there mother. The true spirit of giving was seen in there eyes as they put there choice of gifts in to the basket.

I had one last fun choice left , I asked my children to select flowers. It would have been a much appreciated gift indeed. I handed my Costco card to the cashier, She informed me that my card expired 11 days ago and needed to be renewed . I was surprised and not prepared for the $125 expense.

We have not received our bill nor have we received our rebate check. For the last 15 years if you cut me I would bleed Costco if Costco makes or sells it I own it or intend to buy it . On this day, I came to the store with cash and only enough for our selections . The cashier seeing me deep in thought, I was trying to think of what to return that would not detract from our wonderful experience.

Not a good thing, as we know there is no time to solve problems pay or get out of the way . The cashier yelled for a manager and as I watched customers run for other cashier lines a little of my self worth melted away . I gathered my thoughts and prepared for the manager that was on his way toward me . He checked the card again to make sure and responded with "Its expired!

What are you going to do?" I was calm, as my two loving children were excited for there hand selected gift for there mother. I asked if he would make an exception and allow me to pay the renewal fee tomorrow, that I only had enough to cover our selections and that they all had special meaning on this day . I could have excepted a (no or I wish I could) or any of the professional answers telling me that it was out of his hands . Instead the manager raised his voice and with discussed said "You have got to pay to play.

Pay your membership now or return your items." With tears in my children's eyes I could not stand another comment talking down to me and risk my children bursting into tears as I chose the wrong item to return . I grabbed the hand of each child and walked away toward the door . I wish I had the ability and would have been able to bend down on one knee and explain to each child what was going on instead. It was the saddest experience I have ever been threw .

I have been a Executive Costco Member since you opened your doors in St. George. I have spent over $50,000+ over the years at Costco. I have never bounced a check or had any payment issue with Costco.

It Is extremely unprofessional that because my membership was expired by 11 days I was not allowed to purchase my items. In addition because I did not have my pin number I could not use my debit card to pay my membership and pay for my purchases. Where is my bonus check? Where is the bill that said my membership expired??

I have never been treated so poorly at a store and especially in front of my children. Your manager Paul.

Was very rude and ruined what would have been a wonderful experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Rebate Card.

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I'm very sorry it happened to you and your children, Tony212013. Best wishes to you and your family.


Not a single fkk has been given. I wonder if this childish couple has any clue yet of the points everyone has been commenting about. It drives the point home even more that not one person has taken the loving husband's side.


So when your son or daughter is a teenager and is late from curfew by a few hours are you going to show the same "insensitive behavior" as the manager. Your card was expired, either pay up then or come back another day.

"I wish I had the ability and would have been able to bend down on one knee and explain to each child what was going on instead."

If you could explain what happen would you tell the truth, that daddy does not want to follow the rules or would you blame the store?

"Was very rude and ruined what would have been a wonderful experience."

You are an adult and you should be old enough to know that not giving in to you and bending the rules for you is not the same as being rude.

You just taught your children that they don't have to obey the rules, that they don't have own up to their mistakes. Perhaps they were crying because they were disilliusined and found out that daddy is not as perfect as they taught and that he uses his wife's illness and them as pawns to get sympathy for himself.

And MikeBrady is right, this is not Hollywood so cut out the sap about the tears, spirit of Christmas stuff.


Freudian slip much? No one called you dead beats.

Your loving husband was so publicly adimant about how much money he has but only brought x-amount of cash and not his card, that he could have just returned with said card or more money. Instead he posts this very long, very lame, very cheesey diatribe.

Now that you're up-n-adam, why don't you go buy the special KY and get a sitter for the night. Daddy's got to renew his membership on the good ship lollipop


I am the wife and it infuriates me that this type feedback would be offered. You are all *** mean.

We are not dead beats and we always pay our bills. My husband was simply trying to do something for me since I have been ill for several months.


What a miracle! Praise the Lord! SHe's up and about!!!!


Something for you nice. So very much sweet.

Wow such engrish. Membership renewed not. Many flowers from kids next time buy.

Very wife saved. So Xmas miracleyish.


Are you sure that the person who posted this is not a third child of yours. Because simply he was told that he could not make the purchases because his membership was not renewed.

Your husband needs to learn that not giving his way and bending the rules for him is not the same as being rude and inconsiderate. Your children have a bad future ahead of them because looks like both mommy and daddy are clueless when it comes to following rules and regulations. Like someone said your husband is using your children as sympathy to make Costco look bad, it did not work as he planned so you are upset.

No one is being mean. You don't like the comments, why read them if it hurts your feelings.


You could have just lovingly returned with your loving money and lovingly renewed your loving membership, with tears in your eyes.


That story could be pared down to a paragraph. All you had to do was leave out the sympathy grabbing stuff which was actually more like annoying - the loving father, the loving childres, tears in their, eyes, the inability to get down on one knee.

Priceless! And hilarious!

I especially loved the part about how this was the saddest experience you've ever been through. If that is the saddest thing, then you live a charmed life!

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