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Went to Costco for personal and company with my two daughters. The cashier was rude and bad attitude.

This guy should be fired!!! I can not believe that Costco has such an *** working for them. After the fight with the rudest man ever.. I looked around and saw that a lot of the employees working for Pacoima Costco looked unhappy and no greeting the customer or smiles "nothing"!!

When manager was called he was short and did not really care that his employ was acting like a rude ***!!! I will call corporate.

I hope that they can make this Costco in Pacoima will be a better place to shop. His name is Jeff W Works at Costco in Pacoima, please Costco teach your cashier some customer service skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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Lormar your a *** I work at at Costco and people like are the reason why working there is depressing. I feel sorry for you.

I bet you wouldnt disrespect some one who wasnt on the clock. But you know he (the cashier) isnt suppose to defend him self so when he did (which im sure you instigated) defend himself you were surprised ugh go buy your tub of mayo and get fatter.


Haha, if you had any idea how "rude" most people are to employees you wouldn't be complaining. It's amazing what jack****es people are.

And I would say you probably were complaining about something very insignificant, and that's why the manager didn't care.

Because they know that 9 out of 10 times the employee is right. Go get a job in retail, you'll be seeing through a new set of eyes.


You used the employees full name in your post? You're the friggin ***! :(


The culture of Costco is that volume is what most important. That is volume of customers coming in and spending over $100.

They are unconcerned with cultivating the individual customer.

That is why they seem rude. We are just cattle to them.


The real question is why no one has pointed out the vague nature of the poster's complaint. "rude" and "bad attitude" tell me nothing!

You just expect people to sympathize with you without giving any examples of this so called bad behavior. I can't take any complaint seriously if one can't articulate the actual issue.


Oh my god! This is a blog.

If you start paying attention to grammar, then you are retarded. WE are not in school. As long as you get your point across and people understand you, it should be ok. Typos happen!!

Lori, it has nothing to do with overly delicate. It's the principle. I hope someone treats you very rude, so you know how it's like! Sure, everyone has bad days!

But treating them rude is another issue. People pay for their membership at Costco, they should be expecting more. It's not like Walmart. Costco needs to start treating people better or I hope they go out I business.

It will happen if they don't change the way, they treat customers. They just see dollar signs. I can get a lot of stuff cheaper at other stores than Costco. I get to save my membership fee!

Boy, I can buy 1 month worth of food!

Costco, I will wait for the day you go down. It happened to unexpected companies.


Wow I went to Costco and had the same experience! I believe in GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ALWAYS!!

If you have a bad day, call in and say your not able to do your job right. So what, is no one entitled to "RESPECT" just because Costco is a corporation?? that's a joke. Oh, and I'm almost positive COSTCO DOES CARE!

@lormar I would absolutely contact corporate and let them know what happened. Guaranteed that any BUSINESS regardless of corporation,franchise,etc. is going to want to know where there problems and faults are. @sosad Your probably a sad,sad man who has nothing better to do with life.

This sounds like a legitimate complaint.

Go pick on someone else. Or I recommend finding another hobby, weirdo.

John N

If you think Costco is bad, try going to WalMart!


Your right. I had a bad day and had every right to take that bad day out on the cashier.

I have even taught my daughters that it is ok to take your anger and frustration out on others. I will raise my daughters to be as big of an a**holeas I am.


It's hard to take you seriously when you have the grammar of a first grader. You should go back to first grade and learn something.




Some people think it is ok to treat people rude, but even if you have a bad day work is work smile and do your job! Costco is a corporation and hence corporations still need to know that they have bad stores regardless!!!

I am a very smart business minded person, and if you treated me with anything other than respect and courtesy you would be at the unemployment line.

Costco probably hired you to write *** *** on peoples blog! bye


Oh stop whining! People have good and bad days.

Just because someone works with customers doesn't mean they have to greet nor smile at you. Costco is a corporation hence they will not loose any sleep if you don't shop there anymore.

When and if you leave many others join so you will not affect their market share. You sound like a very overly delicate customer that Costco would love to get rid of so I don't blame them if they are rude to you - I would act the same way with you.

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