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I've changed my first name on the costco card but my check was still under my previous name, wrote the check out for $436 & the clerk pronounced loudly & curtly, "I cannot take this check, these are under different names. THIS IS NOT YOUR CARD!" & threw the card & check & ID back on the counter. So, with all eyes on me as the person that's been pronounced as commiting a fraud & holding up the line, I explained to her the situation, to which she said, " Well, these names are completely different from each other, they're not even similar." So after presenting other IDs that showed my names. She said, " Well, I have to check the computer."

Again, eyes are on me accusingly, & mind you, this is 8:00pm, when nobody wants to be stuck in a line. She came back after what felt like an eternity while I'm waiting to be vindicated, as a guy came by, whom she grabbed & said to him, " These are completely by different names, can i still process it?" The guy took one quick look & said,"Yeah, that's fine!" & proceeded to walk away but she grabbed him again & said, "Well, I need your signature on it."

While I understand they need to prevent fraud to keep their prices low for the customers, which is why is I liked them. It doesn't mean that they can treat us like inferior, third-rate thieves & beggars. I've talked to my husband about stopping our membership, since we also get good deals on produce with weekly sales ads from our local supermarkets but because he owns a business, he's reluctant to do that.

I've tried to limit my shopping at Costco as much as possible due to the feeling of being devalued & underappreciated at this place. I've always felt alienated & a lack of customer service since the beginning shopping in Costco, but now it's just badddddd.

This is not the first incident where I've been treated poorly by the cashiers. Other incidents include things like coupon, which is usually automatically scanned, but in this instance, the lady didn't & when I asked her, she said, "Well, I can't give you the discount if you didn't bring them!" So then I had to take them to customer service, stand in another line, to get that done.

Other things included returns, whatever happened to "We'll refund your money if you're not satisfied, no questions asked." But on the rare occasion, where i do make a return, I get asked all kinds of questions & then i get lectured on the consequences of things being returned.

I'm all for preventing waste & following corporate procedures, but whatever happened to common courtesy & respect for each other, let alone to your customers, the loyal people that can make or break your business & the one that's paying yearly dues & forking over hundreds of dollars each shopping trip.

We do not deserve to be treated this way, when there are other businesses that will be more than happy & accomodating to us to spend thousands of dollars on them.

This is a call out to all of my fellow frustrated Costco members, we don't have to put up with this degrading treatment. We must make a stand to let it be known to Costco, "This is not okay!"

What happened to "Customer's always right!"

Costco, please check yourselves before yelling at us & accusing us of fraud for everyone else to hear before checking the facts. We love your prices & quality on most of your products, but we won't stand for the way you treat us anymore!!!

Thank you for putting up with my rant. This is kinda therapeutic!


I also agreed with another post about Costco employees helping themselves to samples, which is just in poor taste. But when the sample people give the employees the priority & let them cut in line or say things like, "Oh, I gotta take care of my guy here", that's just unacceptable! What about the rest of us paying members, that's been hovering around the sample post, waiting impatiently while trying to look as nonchalant as possible, for a free morsel of your tasty teriyaki chicken, or cheesy beefy burrito?

God, I feel so ashamed whenever I partake in a free sample spree here.

Ok, I'm really done now!

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Sounds like a BS review to me....I shop there at least once a week, have a business account there, etc...Never seen anyone, or been personally, treated poorly by anyone there. Your name on your membership card doesnt match your name on your check? Guess what, I wouldnt even need a manager to see it I would banish you away to customer service desk to reissue you a new card with the correct name. Duh.

You stand in line for free samples and then claim to feel ashamed for doing so? Then dont do it. I hate people like you that jam up the aisles waiting for every frickin free sample you can jam in your mouth. If there is no line I take one. If there is a line or if they are temporarily out of product for a few minutes I move on. How bad do you want a *** free meatball. I've never seen an employee take a food sample and Im 100% sure its against their company policy. And even if one did get one "smuggled" to them by the vendor what did it take a whole .5 seconds out of your 'busy" day of sampling/returning/coupon-cutting? Loser.

I rarely return things, but the one time I did at Costco I got no hassle whatsoever. I know people that work there and they tell me the crazy stories of how Costco will literally take back anything. They are known for their easy-going return policy. People buy BBQs for holiday weekends, use them, and return them claiming they just didnt like it. People buy tents, camp in them and return them. People buy huge TVs for Super Bowl and return them after the weekend. I honestly doubt you got "lectured" about returning something. The only way I can even envision that happening is if you are either returning something so ridiculously abused or you are a chronic returner.

If you want to use a coupon bring it with you.

You suck.


"The customer is always right." I would love to punch the *** who made that statement. The customer is wrong 99% of the time.

I am sure that you return items all most everyday for non-problems. That is the only way that member services is going to say anything "degrading" to a member. You're angry at a cashier for doing her job? Or, do the rules only apply to everybody else and not you?

The big question is, would you allow a customer to act and do what you do at Costco at your place of business? I bet not.

Whining little ***.


Sounds like your title has an extra word -- the last one. I agree with your husband.

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