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I am so extremely disgusted with COSTCO's decision to force it's left-wing political leanings on true Americans that I am cancelling my Executive Membership after a decade as a loyal member. Everyone in my family, and all of our friends have said they will never renew their COSTCO memberships again- Good job, Galanti, I hope the consequences of your political extremism take your successful company straight into bankruptcy.

First, COSTCO comes out publicly to declare that "the Holy Bible" is just a book for the "Fiction" section; now COSTCO's official position on the new D'Souza book about America is that it is not worth taking up space in any of the COSTCO stores nationwide. It is because you are so privileged to live and operate in a Constitutional Republic in which capitalism exists that you - COSTCO founders- have become multimillionaires.

COSTCO, you are the most disgusting hypocrites in the country that I love, the country that my husband served and died for. In the country that I love, there is something called the Bill Of Rights, something I'm sure you hate, just like the the Fascist Indonesian citizen, who is squatting in MY White House, that you so strongly and publicly support. The First Amendment, at least for now, allows you the freedom to voice your opinions, and of course, decide what you wish to sell in your store. I absolutely have no problem with that. What I hate is hypocrisy and blatant lies, like the one Costco used as its lame excuse not to sell a book that criticized your "Messiah". You stated that "Costco’s national goal is to market books that show up on the New York Times bestseller list". Well, maybe, before you let your ignorance show, you should have checked- you know something like America's number one book seller- D'Souza's new book is #1 in the political section! You have no problem pushing Hillary "What difference does it make!" Clinton's book, you know, the book that is down in the low 60's on the NY bestsellers list...

You need to make a decision - political activist OR entrepreneur?

I, for one, have made my decision - I will NEVER set foot in any COSTCO ever again.

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This rant was sooo stup*d and irrational, it gave me *** cancer

kill yourself

No one forces you to shop there, in fact, YOU PAY THEM, so stop with this ridiculous rant, don't embarrass me for being a republican please


Costco is a Christian store, you ***.

ONE bible had the wrong sticker on it.

ONE out of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Bibles they carry.

They also pay people time and a half on Sundays because they see Sundays as a holy day.

You are so *** it hurts.


Be demanding the book back, one that cost the store money to keep there because it wouldn't tell more than 6 a MONTH, you are forcing your politics on Costco and causing it's employees to lose money (the employees are shareholders AND are paid from the profits of the store).

You and your party are *** hypocrites.

You should seriously be ashamed of yourselves


It's called sales. Clinton's book sells 4x more in that store than the America book, including a day where it sold 1000 copies in just ONE store, giving them around a 12,000 dollar profit from a single store in a single day.

It has given them, total, about 150 thousand dollars in profit.

On an average day with the America book in a single store, it sold a grand total of 50 dollars. In total, the America book has only given them 36,000 dollars NATIONALLY.

This means that Clinton's book has brought in 4 times as much profit.

This is called smart business.

Clinton's book has sold more copies than the America book by far, and has brought in actual profits.

And if it was political, explain why they would carry the movie?

They wouldn't. But they are.


Actually, political extremism is boycotting a store for trying to make a profit it can pay it's employees with. All because you want to force people to keep things in their store that don't sell at their store.

Basically, you want to force your political views above the needs of costco's employees. Now that is extremism.


The Bible comment is so ignorant of you. The Bible was put in the fiction section of one store because they ran out of stickers.

One store out of 500. And you say Costco didn't do it's research........

Also, that book you want to defend (which I can promise you never read or heard of until Fox News made it a big deal), only sold 3600 copies in CostCo in a month. Which means it sold only about 5 copies per store in a month. Want to guess how many books come on a pallet?

Hillary's book sold over a thousand copies in one store in a day.

Research before you spew your ridiculous ignorant ***.


Go shop at Sam's with the other child labor and sweat shop supporting idiots. Sam's treats its employees like *** and forces them to get food stamps in order to be able to eat and Costco is the bad guy for removing items that dont sell?

Costco pulled it's own soda brand because it didn't sell enough.

Get over yourself.

I love how with people like you, it's okay that Walmart forces people to be on welfare while giving money to the Tea Party, but it's horrible that Costco takes care of it's employees while it's co-founder gives his own money to liberals.

That book barely sold a copy.

I dare you to start a business and only keep items that don't sell. Let me know how that works out for you.


Hate to break it to you..... but it is taking money away from employees.

Did you take economics? Would you keep an item that didn't sell and keep it if you had a business? We can fill that spot with something that sells. We had that book for over a month and 6 sold.

You would figure more would since we have 400+ members per half hour, come into our store. But no, you mindless sheep are making a big deal out of nothing. We are not pushing political views on anyone.

The book just didn't sell and that's not the only book we pulled. We swap books every month-two months unless it keeps selling.


Good we don't need you there anyways. We had the book for over a month and only 8 copies were sold.

No one ever even heard of this book before the media got involved. Costco is a great company, they pay the employees well.

Their workers dont need to be on welfare unlike walmart. Instead of going off on this book, why not use all of that energy and try for an impeachment?

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