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No real news here. Costco treats its customers like cattle.

My last trip to Costco, Marina Del Rey, CA (which has a "D" rating by the local Better Business Bureau by the way) started with an unannounced change in hours for their "more expendable cattle", causing me to wait outside for 20 minutes before being allowed to enter the palace. Once inside, I did my shopping and got in line to pay. There were 2 cashier clerks and one of them accidentally dumped my 1 gallon bottle of car wash soap on the floor, causing a major spill and bringing the cattle-drive to a standstill. While she spent a couple of minutes mopping up the mess, rather than walk over and fetch a replacement bottle, the second clerk just stood there.

After the mess was cleaned up, I asked why they had not taken a minute to get another bottle and they said they would, and started to take the customer behind me. I insisted on not being passed over and said I would not pay until they took 60 seconds to get another bottle. After several minutes, a manager comes by. Now we have 3 employees standing around doing nothing, when all they had to do was get another bottle and I would be on my merry way.

Not good enough for the cattle-drivers - the manager rudely voided my sale and took the next customer. Yep, must keep the herd moving at all costs even if we lose one cow. So rather than spend 60 seconds to correct the problem, they chose to spend 15 minutes re-stocking my groceries and *** off a customer.


Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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I guess you are too lazy to go get another bottle yourself. They had to clean up the spill so someone does not fall on it and the person watching is not doing nothing she is making sure no one gets hurt, but you sound so sick that you would rather some toddler break their neck falling in the spill than by having her get another bottle for you than having her make sure no one gets injured. You think the world revolves around you. That you should get to come during the time when members pay more to shop earlier. Seriously grow up. Stop being lazy and get your own bottle.

S B You dummy, first they need to clean up the spill and make sure that no one gets hurt and on Pissedconsumer.com it went from the cashier dropping the bottle to her dropping the bottle.

You call the manager names, and you are considered about the cashier using f-bombs, most likely your five year old first heard the word from you. Do yo call you son names when he does not do as you like. Calling people names is just as bad a role model as the swearing. You have the nerve to call yourself a parent.


Going by their policy and not breaking the rules for you is not being rude.

I am glad they voided this person's transaction, if she can't act like an adult and acts like the world revolves around her than she deserves to be treated like a cattle.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

It's pretty sad when Costco pays its employees to post rude comments back to its customers who are just trying to relay a less than satisfactory shopping experience. Maybe once your godly company loses a large market share, or hopefully goes out of business altogether, you will realize you smart (not so) young (anymore) Costco employees "answering" here are not godly after all.

Maybe you will realize that people who are paying their hard-earned money deserve decent customer service. I know this is a completely alien concept to your employees and managers. Don't bother writing a rude response back.

Costco is headed downhill and will never learn. A novel concept for you: maybe your employees' rudeness is causing the problems, not the customers, who just want to get in and out and get what they need without a nasty face and nasty, unnecessarily complicated encounter!!

@Jedi Knight Ethan

If this would have happened in another store not a Costco, one of the employees would have just gone back and brought another bottle, especially since it was an employee of the store that dropped the first bottle on the floor. Your attitude sucks and you're the one acting like a lazy dummy Jedi Knight Ethan, as well as the other *** employees there at Costco. :(


Who tries to return something after a year? Is this a joke?


I tried to return some items at Costco. They would not give credit for the items because I had bought them more than a year ago.

I found the employees slow and unhelpful. After talking to the manager, I can see why the employees are rude and unhelpful. It is because they are following the manager's lead. Costco's unfriendly consumer policy of not accepting returns purchased more than a year ago, no doubt this policy adds to its profit margins.

No wonder Costco's stock price has been hitting 52 week highs. It is because of their bad customer service. They don't want their customers to be satisfied.

Costco should realize that satisfied customers purchase more than unsatisfied customers. Costco will lose more over time now that I am an unsatisfied customer.


The really sad part here is the employees in the stores are given very little training. I think it's three days in the "back room" and two days on the floor.

So they learn from the other employees who have been doing this for too long and are jsut tired of it and don't care. Even if each and everyone one of the customers helps in paying their rent, feed their kids, etc.

But then you call the call center and wow. I called due to a bad employee and with the hour I got a call from the store manager. and she promissed "corrective action" and "training".

I doubt it but when I went back and saw the same girl a few weeks later she was nice and plesent.

And was being monitored - by the managaer. So the nice ones due exist!


lol the arguement is ***, the member is lazy too. However, in the last few years service has gotten terrible.

I just got out of a store in Houston, the cashier didn't know what he was doing and blurted out the f bomb. My five year old started laughing and wouldn't stop saying it. Now, its me problem but the little brat at the register should have kept his mouth shut. The reason for the f bomb?

He charged it onto my costco credit and i clearly stated on my credit card. Which he had in his hand. Meanwhile the lines were terrible, three registers open!

The managers were at the podium laughing and joking. Idiots


OMG that's a perfect metaphor. Tell me they haven't threatened you with revoking your membership.


wa wa, this is a complaint forum after all. I guess you are here to complain that you have nothing to complain about.


If a cashier spills something they should immediately get a replacement. They should not expect a customer to pay for a damaged item and then wait for a replacement to come when someone gets around to it.

Hey, Costco, the economy is bad right now. If you people want to keep your jobs you need to shape up and treat your customers well. Your prices are no longer competitive. You no longer have a generous return policy.

And you charge an excessive membership fee.

Add lousy customer service to that. So, why exactly should anyone shop there?


Costco's customer service has gone downhill. They used to be nice.

Now it seems the company is hiring more thoughtless jerks. Yes, if an item is damaged by the cashier, someone should go and get a replacement. The customer should not be asked to pay for a damaged item and then wait who knows how long before someone brings a replacement.

Hopefully the bad economy will give Costco and its employees the kick in the pants they need to provide better service. I don't go there much anymore and when I do, its never busy.


Poor sap, could not even get himself another bottle. Hope you did not drive home, driving while angry is really dangerous.


Costco, If it were not for your costormers none of your employees would have a job! Sorry to say that your employees are not getting better, but are going the other way.

It is a fact that it does little good to complain or commet about most any thing these days, because no body listens or cares. Your people in Costco do not listen to the customer, but just go along thier merry way.

They are starting to help that Flushing Sound of the whole America economy go, you know where!!!


so you rather have everyone else in line wait rather you taking the *** 10 mins out of your pitty life? your just as bad


so glad that's not the costco i know


waaa waaa waaa, cry me an f'in river. get a life and deal with it

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