Bellevue, Washington

I purchased a leather recliner at Costco. When I unpacked the box at home, there were manufacturing flaws in the leather and I returned it and they refunded my money but did not have any more in stock.

After about 10 days, they got more in and I went back to the store. There was only one boxed recliner and the floor model. I asked a store employee if that boxed one could be the one we returned, as the taping of the flaps looked like it had been re-taped. He said no, that all returns get shipped back to a broker (or something like that) and that no returned goods are ever put back on the floor.

So I purchased the boxed chair. When I got it into the back of my truck, I decided to open the box to check for flaws. (I live 32 miles from the store). The protective plastic and material around the chair was torn and dirty with animal hair and other stuff and had obviously been opened before. I unwrapped the chair to find numerous flaws and scratches all over the leather.

I am a Pissed Consumer!

Fortunately, when I went back into the store, I was able to air my displeasure with a manager right in the middle of the checkout registers. And I was loud! Unfortunately, thats about all the satisfaction I got out of the deal. Of course both Managers and the courtesy clerk were dumbfounded as to how a returned item got back on the floor for sale.

After receiving my refund, the courtesy clerk offered me a coupon for a free pizza. I declined. I was afraid it might have been dropped on the floor or some kind of factory second or reject.

I know they won't miss my business, but all you can do is vote with your feet and shop elswhere. (Oh yeah, and spread the word of your experiences).

That's what I intend to do. Thank you for providing a forum for airing complaints such as this. I feel a little bit better already!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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Costco paying people to troll forums!!! That's funny.

Sounds like an honest mistake actually; who wants to put damaged merchandise back on the floor when they know that it's going to be returned by an unhappy member. My understanding of COSTCO policy is that they return all their returned merchandise to the manufacturers.

Did they refuse to refund your money? I'm sure they were more than happy to refund your membership.


douce2 and BradyT are Costco employees paid to troll the message boards. It reflects extremely poorly on your company when you trash legitimate complaints.

You are doing more damage to Costco then if you were to just say nothing. Customer that post *** complaints will be recognized for what they are without you trashing them.


Go to SAMs club, they take care of you there and if they re sell something returned, they mark it down and the sign on it has returned. So they don't lie about what they sell!!!


i can understand how you were irritated when you purchased something labeled as new and it was really used. probably an oversight (or you're a fabricator). i hope you will return after you've had some therapy with your anger issues...i think you'll be pleased with costco.


THANK GOD YOU WONT BE RETURNING TO COSTCO!!!It's low-class losers like you who throw a hissy fit in the middle of stores that make ALL retailers cringe when it comes to customer service. If I were a Costco manager, I would have taken your Costco card from your cold, clammy hand and cut it in half in front of everyone (probably to cheers from the people waiting in line) and sent you on your merry way.

Goodbye and Good Riddence!! What an attiude!!


I will complain about " Costco Snobs". These are the ones who push through the store with their noses poked up in the air as if to say, " Just look at me, I'm a paid member and that makes Me a P C and a VIP all at once", and I can push you aside and butt you out of the isle if I feel like it.Costco can't possibly make a mistake or be at fault in any instance because that is My special club , humph , they're always right no matter what." Well Bullpucky to that, Costco can make a mistake just like any other store, sometimes, maybe even letting something slip here or there, so bring down your nose out of the air and come back to earth all of you hoity toitys with the that Costco Club attitude.

Just because you pay to shop there doesn't mean ziltch. :p

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