Clovis, California
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I purchased a Fuji camera package at a Costco retail store in Clovis CA. I failed to open and use it.

I admit this is my fault. But I trusted Costco to carry the highest quality products. When I took some photos, they looked worse than my five year old Panasonic digital camera. I looked at this camera's reviews on Amazon and was appalled.

It received very poor customer reviews. Costco refuses to make any exception to their ninety day return policy. I realize the whole incident was caused by my inaction. But again, how can Costco sell such a poor product?

I always associated their name with quality. Now I feel that at Costco, it's the same as shopping at any other store--it's buyer beware. They used to be much more flexible about return dates. Their recent inflexibility is a poor corporate decision, in my opinion.

It discourages customer loyalty and portrays an image of an uncaring, corporate monolith. They have competition now. There are other places with cheaper prices. So why should I pay a membership fee and continue as a member?

They used to be special to me. Now they seem like any other business that puts their bottom line above everything else.

During our economic crises, we've already seen what happens to inflexible corporations that erect a fortified system. It cuts them off from their customer's wants and needs.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Fujifilm 30X
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So you bought the camera without reading the reviews and now it is Costco's fault that you did not utilize the 90 day return policy. You can go to any store other than Costco and find at most a 30 day return policy.

Best Buy for example only 15 days so I don't understand what the issue is.

You failed to return the product and you did not research it before you bought it. It's not Costco's fault its yous.


"I realize the whole incident was caused by my inaction"

Really? You don't sound like someone who is accepting responsibility.

You sound like someone who is trying to blame others for their own mistakes.

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