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Recently purchased a "new" 55" led tv from costco for $2699. Started to unbox it and noticed alot of finferprints, didnt think much of it, until i turned the tv on and saw it had already been setup and in spanish.

Was still excited so i just blew it off, until i called to register it and found out it had already been registered, wow!! Looks like i just purchased a "used" or returned tv, not brand new from the manurfactre. Turns out, costco apparently puts previously purchased customer returned electronics back on the floor and sells them as new.

Former employee stated some stores will do this so the store will show higher sales. If im paying a premium price and membership, i should have a new item, not someones used returned tv!

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This is not a problem.

Contact the warehouse manager and explain what happen.

Some members will bring back the merchandise completely boxed and taped like it was never opened so the special people in charge there of checking out the return never see it because someone else just thought it was still new and put it back on the floor for sale.

Manager will be happy to give you discount or just take the TV back from you! :grin


Just purchased a Juicer at COSTCO in Waltham, MA. When opened a box at home and inspected the unit it appears to be used before and one part is missing. Not happy, going to return and tell them what I think about such a practice.


I worked in retail on and off over the years and i can tell you many stores do that. I was very surprised. Now always check merchandise before I leave the store.


If that product was already registered, and not in your name, you many have a problem. Return the TV and get another one. Or, at least give you a discount.


My store also follows the same actions named by Appel. We take the returned TV's, send them to the back to be physically inspected and tested, and if they are in salable condition, we place them on a flatbed in the corner with a sticker listing the decreased price and any possible defects.


Unfortunately customers lie when returning items and say "we never even opened the TV". If the member service employee is too trusting, they will take the customer's word and return the TV to the shelf as saleable and never used.

You simply call Costco and they would be more than happy to replace your TV. I can guarantee posting on this site will not solve your problem.


You misspelled "manurfactre." It should be "manure factory."


This is from the Central Coast of Calif, not San Lorenzo. Credit is due where it happened.


Our local Costco puts returned merchandise such as this in a far away corner as a much discounted price. It is obvious to any buyer they are returned, but working, and sold at a lower price.

What your Costco is doing does not sound sound like Costco policy.

I'd be upset too is I thought is was brand new and it wasn't, and it does sound like customer "fraud" in that they are selling it as new. Call HQ.