Denver, Colorado

While trying to find an item at Costco Sheridan, CO. store I tried to find an employee to help me locate an item.

Another customer said that they walk down the back side isles to avoid customers because they are asked too many questions if they are seen in the main isles. I finally asked an elderly lady serving food samples and she told me where to find the item. This nice lady was not an employee of costco, but a contractor serving food! I also find out costco constantly moves their products around the store so the customers buys more of their products by making them roam all over looking for new product locations.

I am not going to shop there very often from now on. Gearld

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Average J

Your lucky to have gotten the anwer from a customer you did. I would have sent you to the back corner of the store.

Just because someone says somthing doesn't mean it's true.

Costco moves things because they merchandise is always changing. Still it tends to stay in the same general areas.


Every store in the world does this..Are you so unaware. Good stay out of Costco, your getting in my way.


You ***, the moving items around is called marketing. All businesses do this.

For you to believe a customer you do not know about them hiding in the back aisles makes you gullible.

Most likely that was a disgruntled employee who told you that. You did get help what is this complaint about.

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