Melbourne, Florida

I purchased an Oster Microwave oven from the Costco Warehouse in Frederick MD for my son to take back to school with him. He did not open the box until he was back at his apartment in Huntington WV.

When he opened it, the entire glass front of the Microwave Oven was cracked, rendering it unusable. Normally, I would have him take it into a warehouse for replacement. But the nearest warehouse to him is over 100 miles away, and he can't take time off from work/school to return it.

I sent Costco an email and even offered to pay shipping to have it exchanged. But, no, they had to be jerks about it and absolutely refused.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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Costco has one of the most generous return policies you will find anywhere. However, you do have to return it to a warehouse.

Even though your son had dropped it, chances are they would have accepted unless they could prove it was damaged by the customer. I'm not condoning such dishonesty, but I do believe that is how they operate.

Keep in mind that the return policy varies on the type of product. Electronics for example have only a 90 day return policy, whereas most other items are up to 2 years.


you're pissed because you want costco to do things they cannot do. i.e.

you ship back something to them, not their issue.

how about your son ships it to you? holy ***.


That is a very cool thing that you came back to comment. I'm sure your honesty is where your son learned it from.



My son just admitted to me that he accidentally dropped the microwave while putting it in his kitchen. Sorry for wasting your time and I am angry that my son lied to me.

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