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The 2nd of march at about 12.00 pm my wife went into the Costco store (arundel Mills, MD) and at the check-out line was told that her membership had expired and that she need to renew her membership at the customer service desk, on getting there she told them that her husband had paid in early February, but she was told that there is no trace of payment, she insisted that a payment had been made, but they customers service representative also insisted that there was no trace of payment, they now asked for receipts and she told them she does not have one but that they should check their records, same answer no trace of payment, she was told that she had an option to pay again or provide prove of payment, she now explained to them that Costco had promised to refunded 110 back to her American express card which they did, because Costco took out the membership fee from her American express account and she did not like the idea since she never signed up for that, but was told that she needed to go into to make a payment in the store order to remain a member at Costco.

All said and done they still insisted no money was paid for renewal, she even told them that I used my cash certificate to make part of the payment and American express check which was cashed at the register, looking through their records they found out that happened on the 9th of February, which was the day it was renewed, a manager had to be called in still she said well it still does not show that money has been paid for renewal that she could go since her baby had started acting cranky and 30mins gone by already, she was told that they will call corporate office and call her back later in the day.

At exactly I walked into the Anne Arundel Costco Store and I told them about the my issue that I had paid for my renewal and I was immediately asked to see a manager by the name jeane on getting to her we both greeted each other and she said well that computer shows that Costco had refunded me $110.00 twice, but I asked if they found out that I had paid for my renewal she said yes, but that Costco had refunded me back the said amount, I said no way we were only credited back $110.00 and I had prove to show for it, I asked why had she not call the corporate office to investigate the matter since its been over 4hr ago, she said well I have other things to do and I told her that really if she had wanted to help out she would have taking action or delegated the work to somebody else( it's a Friday and it was raining slow day). I told her she was not sincere enough in dealing with the situation and she kept on saying Costco had refunded me twice and all I can do now is to make another payment which got me upset, and I told her I would not listen to her anymore until she calls the corporate office, I even I asked for a 1800 number I could call myself. After waiting for 20 mins she directed another lady who looked Hispanic to attend to me and had an attitude, she back and told me the same story that the computer had shown that I had been refunded $110 twice as I objected, she told me it's either I listen or she would walk away, which she walk away and the manager (jeane) said well I could go that she will take care of it since I had my kids in the car waiting outside in the car, I told her no I was not leaving until she picks up the phone to call the corporate office, these took another 25 mins, eventually she got through and was told that since I paid in the store that everything was ok. Meanwhile my wife was on the phone to American express and they called Costco to confirm that they only refunded $110 back to us. The whole thing took my 1.30 mins at the store and the manager apologized and a gave a $10.00 gift card and I told her it's not about the money but the principle involved and that customer should be taking more seriously regardless of race gender or accent.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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The Gulf War was a matter of principle as opposed to money. (sarcasm) "Principle" has gotten alot of people killed.

You should be arrested for leaving your children unattended in the car.


I had a similar situation. I paid twice in a year.

The lady make me feel *** by saying. That's not even possible. She never seen that happen, plus the system won't allow more than one payment. I have receipts when I paid.

Need to look 2 years back. Luckily, I paid with American express. I need to get my money back. Costco ******** sucks!

Fail! Gee, are you serious that you are looking for grammar errors here?

English is not everyone's first language and typos happen. No one is perfect!


Run on sentences + poor grammar = fail

Average Joe101

I have been a Costco Member for 20+ years and have never had a problem like this. Though I could imagine that if their computer some how had a glitch ever it could take a mirracle from God to fix it.

Just know that this is a rairity. Costco customer service is awsome.


I think it's time you stayed away from Costco---even if you think you save some money by shopping there. I wouldn't go to a store that gave me such grief, no matter how cheap they are-----like I did with WalMart.