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annual membership, wait too long in line, no express check out line, rude employees, no longer competitve pricing (food, clothing, gas-especially gas!), volumn purchases are overated, pharmasy wont let you make any purchases but drugs! i can go on and on!

i was previously on a family member, was removed and had my wife added instead. when i got to my turn to purchase (after waiting over 20min in line) i was told the wife must be present. shes home pregnant. costco said they can add me doe 40 bucks!

hahaa... money hungry ***!! they treated me like i was under arrest. please savy consumer of america, stay away from Costco...they are greety, bad service, with rude people...

go to ur local market.... support local families!

not wallstreet *** that look at your hard work, family driven good heart as a dollar bill! please pass this information off......

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SUBJECT:::: BEWARE of CostCo renewal policy...attached info...

paid FOR 12 MONTHS ONLY GIVEN 10...bad deal

SCREW THEM...paid $600++ in membership fees



Costco is a membership club..if YOU are NOT a member you cant shop there..if you do not have a membership card with YOUR name & YOUR picture on it (not moms, dads, grandma's, your bff etc) there is no such thing as a family membership..yes each card comes with a free SPOUSE or DOMESTIC partner card..meaning you MUST be over the age of 18 & RESIDE in the same household..I've been an Executive Member for over 12 yrs now & the Costco in my area (Mich) is great..the employees are always happy & we have never had a bad experience there. I was reading some of these 'issues' on here & not all but quite a few of these complaints are due to people being ignorant, thinking policies don't apply to them & the best is people who DON'T have a membership & using someone else's card & got caught. If you don't like a store then DON'T SHOP there, if you don't pay for a membership then DON'T shop for the person who had a pregnant wife if you call the warehouse & talk to a manager & let them know your situation they would have understood & allowed you to grab a few items..but again with every paid membership you do get a free spouse card in case of situations like that.


help me understand. You discontinue your membership. YOu try to use someone else's membership, and told you cannot. And somehow this is a problem with costco? I think not.

As for your other complaints, the prices maintain their standard markup. What has changed is other companies have adopted lower markps than they previous had (before costco) and there is less difference in many cost between costco and other retailers on many items. Some items were never a bargain at costco because they are routinely sold at other retailers at a loss or very low margin. Gas is significantly cheaper, at least for premium, although often nearby stations match costco prices. As for the pharmacy, well, of course they dont allow other purchases. Everything from the pharmacy has a different receipt that doesnt allow further search or inspection.

As an executive membership we pay $100 a year, but we get a check for cash of about $300 a year. We basically get paid to shop at costco.


You though that "In America the customer is always right!"? You, my friend, is what is wrong with America.

No taking responsibility for yourself because, as the customer, you are always right. Pathetic.


I agree with Sessa from NC, I love Costco, prices have risen you have that right but I always get excellent service, money back every year, great price on gas since I use premium, cheaper than anyplace else. May be just your costco but I love mine here in Florida.

Theft is rampant, I think Lolo needs to lighten up and obey the rules. Costco is awesome here in Brandon...


Raman, agreed! COSTCO sucks.

*** policies. At Costco, the customer is always wrong. I shop elsewhere. Service or anything is so much better!

Costco needs to struggle to learn that they need to loosen the policies or make changes. I thought in America the customer is always right! Why do I pay for a membership when I don't get anything in return? ***.

Everyone needs to stop shopping at Costco. Honestly, not always cheaper.

Just convenience! Too much food that's being wasted.


the phrase the customer is always right originated in England in early 1900's at a hat maker shop. Thankfully certain companies, airlines, retail are now abandoning that ridiculous mantra.

It's simply not true and in the final analysis, these customers that believe that and try to rip off these companies, and get turned away, the company actually saves money.

The customer is NOT always right, in fact many of these *** are simply wrong, about all the time. shop elsewhere please!


Follow up: I actually learned that Costco has in their employee handbook the *** phrase;

Rule #1 The customer is always right. Rule #2 if the customer is wrong, see rule number 1.

That's flipping ***. costco should follow the lead of the companies who've dropped that rubbish.

Perhaps costco turns away non paying members because that policy applies only to real paying memberships. In any case don't renew your membership lolo.


Actually, Costco doesn't suck, they're awesome!! Sounds like you're just pissed they wanted you to follow the rules.

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