Savannah, Georgia
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costcos sinegall is on tv now supporting that *** obama. sinegall claims hes not seen the stats that 46 million are on food stamps.

can you believe that and yet hes qualified as a speaker at the demo convention. so last week we returned things we had bought at costco. then we openened a membership at bjs and quess what bjs selection were much better , much more enjoyable shopping less lines at snack bar checkout. bjs packaging is much better for older shoppers as they are smaller sizes and not as large boxes.

costco is grossely overated.

i wonder how much business from the federal go vernment went to costco, as this sinegall said the government was good for them. maybe their should be an investigation.

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Only welfare folks can get a job working at Costco. They get federal megabucks for each one they hire.


There us no CostCo in Savannah, Georgia. There are, however, a lot of whiny Republicans willing to trash CostCo on a ratings site solely because the CEO pays his workers a living wage and leans liberal. That is shameful.

There is at least one CostCo in Atlanta. It is excellent. Check it out.


I bet you are really pissed off now that Obama has won a second term instead of MITT ROBME being elected.


Was that necessary? Do you see me calling the president names?

Grow up.

I'm an extremely conservative Republican whose favorite store is Costco.

I'm also a shareholder. Fellow members like you are sad.


Jim Sinegal is no longer the CEO! He hasn't been since December 2011.

Craig Jelinek is. Jim has treated all his members and employees very fairly.

No money has ever been funded to Costco from the government. Too many people make assumptions and believe themselves when they look through the window instead of getting their facts straight.


no joan look again i said hes qualified to speak, he will speak tonite. he was on tv this morning but not speaking at the convention .

yes we took stuff back because a couple of weeks ago he said he supported obama. god help us all if this media business complex reelectes this butt wipe for anothe term.


You say he spoke at the Democratic convention, but that didn't start until last night and then you turn around and say you took Costco stuff back last week. It sounds like you have your wires crossed.


i agree these big businesses are in bed with our federal tax dollars